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LISTENEscaping From Communist Cuba
Socialism has been pumped into the head of at least 3 generations of Americans. A Marxist revolution is being played out here as it's been done in other countries by silencing opposition, propaganda and shutting down freedom and churches. Maria Warren, who lost everything in Cuba says we are going in the same direction here with radical Marxists! What shocks most people is how fast we're turning into a Marxism country. Maria Warren's family grocery store and trucking company were'nationalized' at gunpoint! People starved and many disappeared. The final nail in the coffin will be gun control/confiscation.

LISTENFreedom From Nicotine
A whole generation of young Americans getting hooked on nicotine, e-cigarettes or vaping, that has increased 900% among high schoolers has created a national health crisis. Dr Robin Deterding, a lung specialist, says vaping can lead to chronic lung diseases. Vaping a cartridge a day is the same nicotine in a pack of cigarettes. Mary Young, the author of Get a Life! And Make it Smoke Free, says cigarettes contain 6000 chemicals. Surgeon General C. Everette Koop got the warning label on cigarettes, and warned of second hand smoke, said tobacco manufactures target kids to smoke and know they are poising people for money.

LISTENMemorial Day
Freedom is not free but purchased at great cost. Memorial Day is a day to remember the sacrifices that paid for our freedoms. Gary Horton, a motivational school assembly speaker, was an Army Ranger who fought for our freedoms, yet he's not given the freedom to speak about his Christian faith in public schools. Schools have re-written our history, banned the flag, and banned the motto and the pledge. Christians have accepted the lie that we must deny our faith in public and deny the basis of where our freedoms came from- Biblical Christianity. Without this understanding, our freedoms are in grave jeopardy.

LISTENIs An EMP Attack Imminent?
What happens when the electrical grid is shut down? Former CIA Director James Woolsey, says we are very vulnerable to an enemy EMP attack. Mike Maloof, author of A Nation Forsaken-EMP: The Escalating Threat of An American Catastrophe, spent 30 years with the Defense Department protecting us from terrorism, and now warns that it's not "if" but "when" an EMP will be exploded over this country. The results will be catastrophic. It's preventable, but our government is ignoring it, so we need to prepare ourselves. A huge solar flare, an EMP, or Radio Frequency weapons are a real threat. What can we do to be prepared?

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