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LISTENIs Sex Different From Gender
Biden's Department of Ed. is forcing schools to mandate boys participate in girl's sports and use girl's locker rooms or lose Title IX funds. Dr Miriam Grossman says sex is based on chromosomes while gender has become based on subjective feelings. Prof Khiara Bridges told Sen. Josh Hawley that women who call themselves men (so-called trans-men) are capable of getting pregnant. Matt Walsh producer of What is a Woman gives a powerful speech to the Loudoun Country S.B. that they are deceiving children by saying masculine girls are boys. Psychologist Jordan Peterson refuses to call a girl a boy and vice versa.

LISTENRighteousness Exalts A Nation
Libby Emmon tells how schools are teaching racial prejudice by teaching students that their worth is based on skin color! When half the Christians don't vote, how are they being the salt Christ told us to be? Pastor Bishop EW Jackson, says, "In this country we choose our leaders. Socialism eliminates freedom and brings economic stagnation and oppression. God is not finished with America and wants to bring victory and revival if God's people do their part. Do we want socialism or limited government under our Constitution?" He gives a most powerful, passionate oration using the Bible to motivate Christians.

LISTENCritical Gender Theory
Increasingly, the left has used public schools to change our culture by indoctrinating naïve students into believing they can be whatever gender they choose. Chris Rufo tells how teachers are taught to teach that male and female are simply "social constructs" that oppress nonconforming students. Pastor HB Charles makes it really clear what the Bible teaches. Voddie Bacham, author of Family Driven Faith, says he's going to war against this woke tyranny., Mike Gurian says boys and girls are hard-wired differently. Also cuts of filmmaker Matt Walsh saying schools need to tell the truth and stop lying to kids.

LISTENThe Shock of September 11
How would you overcome extreme fear and panic and remain calm if you were in the World Trade Center's towering inferno on 9/11, and you were completely blind? Listen to a total triumph of trust in this horrific catastrophe as a blind man, Michael Hingston, describes his miraculous survival in the face of imminent death. Michael Hingston, the national ambassador for the Braille Literacy Campaign, is the author of Thunder Dog. Although Roselle, Mike's guide dog, was intensely focused on guiding him to safety, she remained calm and even gave a firefighter a kiss on his final trip up the stairs.

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