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Side A: 9/24/2022

Choosing Your Child's Future


What is the PURPOSE of educating a child? Just to learn academics? Don't ask what kind of education is best, ask what kind of person do you want them to become? Bob Gannage says schools omit God in creation and history. He sold encyclopedias so he could educate his kids himself. RC Sproul, Jr, a home school expert, says home schooling is a joy that produces children who relate well with people of all ages. Ed Gandy built a $4 million school and hired teachers from his church to give his church kids a Christian education. Brian Schwertley, says, "The greatest commandment is to love the Lord with your MIND."

Side B: 9/17/2022

The Heavens Declare the Glory Of God!



The heavens declare the glory of God, yet secular astronomers say distant starlight proves the universe is billions of years old. Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis and author of Creation to Babel, says God created starlight seen on earth when He created the stars. Evolutionists fabricate drawings to fool naïve students. There are no transitional species but variation within a species. Dr Jonathan Henry, author of The Astronomy Book, says God created the massive stars and vastness of the universe, to show how incredibly awesome He is. Louie Giglio gives an exhilarating description of the gigantic stars compared to earth.

Side A: 9/10/2022

The Shock of September 11


How would you overcome extreme fear and panic and remain calm if you were in the World Trade Center's towering inferno on 9/11, and you were completely blind? Listen to a total triumph of trust in this horrific catastrophe as a blind man, Michael Hingston, describes his miraculous survival in the face of imminent death. Michael Hingston, the national ambassador for the Braille Literacy Campaign, is the author of Thunder Dog. Although Roselle, Mike's guide dog, was intensely focused on guiding him to safety, she remained calm and even gave a firefighter a kiss on his final trip up the stairs.

Side B: 9/3/2022

Critical Gender Theory



Increasingly, the left has used public schools to change our culture by indoctrinating naïve students into believing they can be whatever gender they choose. Chris Rufo tells how teachers are taught to teach that male and female are simply "social constructs" that oppress nonconforming students. Pastor HB Charles makes it really clear what the Bible teaches. Voddie Bacham, author of Family Driven Faith, says he's going to war against this woke tyranny., Mike Gurian says boys and girls are hard-wired differently. Also cuts of filmmaker Matt Walsh saying schools need to tell the truth and stop lying to kids.

Side A: 8/27/2022

Righteousness Exalts A Nation


Libby Emmon tells how schools are teaching racial prejudice by teaching students that their worth is based on skin color! When half the Christians don't vote, how are they being the salt Christ told us to be? Pastor Bishop EW Jackson, says, "In this country we choose our leaders. Socialism eliminates freedom and brings economic stagnation and oppression. God is not finished with America and wants to bring victory and revival if God's people do their part. Do we want socialism or limited government under our Constitution?" He gives a most powerful, passionate oration using the Bible to motivate Christians.

Side B: 8/20/2022

Is Sex Different From Gender



Biden's Department of Ed. is forcing schools to mandate boys participate in girl's sports and use girl's locker rooms or lose Title IX funds. Dr Miriam Grossman says sex is based on chromosomes while gender has become based on subjective feelings. Prof Khiara Bridges told Sen. Josh Hawley that women who call themselves men (so-called trans-men) are capable of getting pregnant. Matt Walsh producer of What is a Woman gives a powerful speech to the Loudoun Country S.B. that they are deceiving children by saying masculine girls are boys. Psychologist Jordan Peterson refuses to call a girl a boy and vice versa.

Side A: 8/13/2022

How to Transform Our Nation


Most Christians are unaware of the spiritual assault on our nation and don't know how to counter it. David Barton of Wallbuilders says the church has the wrong strategy by focusing on conversion and not discipleship. Jesus had huge crowds but the crowds didn't change the world. It was the dozen mentored disciples who did. The War for Independence was won with local victories. To change America we need to focus on our local battles. John Quincy Adams was mentored to become one of America's greatest Founders. David compares totalitarianism to the freedom in our republican form of government.

Side B: 8/6/2022

Freedom To Pray at School



The Supreme Court has made a complete paradigm shift! Now, with three Trump appointed justices on the Court, Joe Kennedy's prayers on the football field have been upheld as Constitutionally protected. The attorney who won the case, Jeremy Dys of First Liberty said; "Because of this landmark case we now have more religious freedom than any time in our life tHow to Transform Our Nationime!" Kelly Shakelford of First Liberty noted how Justice Gorsuch lambasted the school for discriminating against the coach for exercising his First Amendment freedoms. David Barton gives a litany of prior Court's elimination of religious freedoms!

Side A: 7/30/2022

Schools of Marxism pt 2


We are witnessing a spiritual war for the future of our nation using schoolchildren as pawns. Alex Newman, wrote magazine articles in The New American: Rescuing Our Children, says there is a deliberate dumbing down of children using a reading method that's a proven failure to produce a people ignorant of history and functionally illiterate. The founders of public education, Horace Mann and John Dewey, influenced the teacher's colleges so they would unwittingly follow a pattern used in communist countries, to transform America to socialism and communism. Their socialism is working to transform our nation.

Side B: 7/23/2022

Schools of Marxism pt 1



Pete Hegseth, author of Battle for the American Minds - Uprooting a Century of Miseducation, says there's a master plan using schools to transform our culture from capitalist/Christian to Marxist/atheist. Mark Levin says the basis of our school system is Marxist. Ray Moore President of Exodus Mandate says churches should be schools. Dr Robert Simonds says the NEA promotes homosexuality and Islam. Candace Owens says classrooms have become predatory to children. D. James Kennedy says schools are expert at converting children to humanism. Chuck Smith says secular schools contribute to social problems.

Side A: 7/16/2022

The Diabolic Lie of Abortion pt 2


We have a generation that is historically illiterate. (Cuts of college students who say they've never heard of Adolph Hitler.) The minds of people are changed from pro-abortion to pro-life by watching a documentary comparing Hitler's holocaust to America's abortion holocaust of millions of babies. Ray Comfort, producer of the film entitled "180", makes people think! Killing innocent children in abortion is similar to killing Jews in Nazi Germany. To say it's a woman's choice is comparable to saying it was Hitler's choice to kill Jews. Comparisons are so convincing that people change their minds on abortion.

Side B: 7/9/2022

The Diabolic Lie of Abortion pt 1



Mark Spence, VP of outreach at Living Waters, asked a young couple about abortion. They said they believed in treating others as they would like to be treated doesn't apply to unborn babies, since it's not a person! Dr Bernard Nathanson helped make abortion legal, and aborted 75,000 babies, says he was converted to be prolife and Christian and made a sonogram of an abortion in "Silent Scream" demonstrating what abortion really is. Radio host Mark Davis answered a caller that "privacy" is not a constitutional justification to keep abortion legal. If we are honest, we know it is a baby and killing it is murder.

Side A: 7/2/2022

Standing Up For Liberty pt 2


Young people today know virtually nothing of the sacrifices made for their freedoms. To destroy a culture, destroy their history. Peter Marshall, author of The Light and Glory -vividly describes the horrendous starving army at Valley Forge, barefoot in the snow, and the courage Washington infused into them to fight on against impossible odds. God miraculously protected our Continental army with a heavy fog that hid them from slaughter from the British. Tom Dooley, author of One Nation Under God-America's Lost Dream, describes the cost of freedom in the sacrifices our forefathers paid with their lives.

Side B: 6/25/2022

Standing Up For Liberty pt 1



Our precious freedoms are not based on government but on God. Freedom isn't appreciated until it's lost. Todd Starnes, a Fox News commentator and author of Culture Jihad-How to Stop the Left From Killing a Nation, says, "What's happening in our country is the result of what has happened in schools being run by radicals. Without Biblical values, we are left with chaos." Os Guinness, author of Last Call for Liberty- How America's Genius Has Become Its Greatest Threat! said, "Freedom comes from self- government, not external force. As our freedoms end, it's a catastrophe, not just for America, but also for the whole world.

Side A: 6/18/2022

The End of Roe v Wade pt 2


College students have had abortion legal as birth control but are now confronted with abortion being murder. Most young people have never heard why abortion should be illegal. Ben Shapiro is challenged by students who don't believe a "fetus" is a baby, that abortion should be allowed for rape and incest, and who compare gun violence to abortion. Pastor Jeff Durban gives compelling reasons to the Colorado legislature for the Equal Protection of unborn children. Pastor Jack Hibbs gives a passionate speech repudiating the diabolic Cal. bill to legalize infanticide up to 28 days after birth. Silence is complicity.

Side B: 6/11/2022

The End of Roe v Wade pt 1



All the states that banned abortion before Roe v Wade had their laws overturned in 1973 in Roe v Wade. A woman's choice ends when she becomes a mother. Law professor, Al Parker, President of the Justice Foundation, filed two Amicus Curiae Briefs with the Supreme Court to overturn Roe, presented his case with a picture of a woman in her 20s, who had been an in vitro fertilized egg of just 3 cells in a petri dish that had been frozen for several years before born. This is proof that life begins at conception and is not a blob of tissue as believed in 1973 when Roe was decided. Abortion isn't undoing a pregnancy, its killing a child.

Side A: 6/4/2022

True or False Conversions?


What does it mean to be a true follower of Jesus Christ? What's a false convert? How can you tell if a child is truly saved? Cuts from the movie The Atheist Delusion. Almost 9 out of 10 (88%) of church children lose their faith before high school graduation. What can a parent do to be sure their children keep their faith? Ray Comfort, evangelist and author of How To Bring Your Child To Christ and Keep Them There, says, don't give your children a false image of God. Give them a true understanding and view of the God of the Bible not "Santa Claus!" Parents should teach their children the fear of the Lord to resist their temptations.

Side B: 5/28/2022

Valient Vets



Although some veterans have gone to help secure Ukraine's border, our commander-in-chief has opened up our borders to illegals! Mark Levin, author of American Marxism says, "The greatest crisis of our time is Biden's violation of our immigration laws to change the populace of America. John Steer, author of Wounded Soldier, gives fascinating accounts of his experiences in Viet Nam. Gary Horton, a former Army Ranger, who fought for our freedoms, is not given the freedom to speak about his Christian faith in public schools. Schools have re-written our history, banned the flag, and banned the motto and the pledge.

Side A: 5/21/2022

Moral Confusion pt 2


A new sex ed. curriculum re-defines abstinence to promote perversion as normal. Mat Staver, of Liberty Council says, "Many schools are leading children in to harmful and sometimes deadly sexual experimentation using graphic magazines and videos. The "Advocates for Youth" curriculum promotes abortion over child birth and trains students to be advocates for abortion and homosexuality. Teachers coerce students into participating in the Day of Silence and become activists to support GLSEN and Planned Parenthood." Children would prefer to have their modesty and decency respected than to be embarrassed in class.

Side B: 5/14/2022

Gender Confusion pt 1



The new Supreme Court justice can't define the word "woman" yet will determine Supreme Court cases. Dennis Prager says the confirmation of Judge Jackson will be the decline of our civilization. Judge Ketanji Jackson could not answer when life begins, meaning she has the same ideology as those who legalized child killing in 1973. Michael Gurian, author of Raising Boys By Design, says boys learn differently than girls and need to be taught differently. Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation to protect grade school kids from being sexualized. Other guests: Lt Gov. Mark Robinson, Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chino.

Parents! Don't simply ask what kind of education you want for your children.
Ask what kind of people you want them to become!

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