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Side A: 4/8/2023

The Resurrection and the Life


When nuclear Russia and the Muslim nations come against Israel, we are near the end of this age! The super sign of end times is Israel being restored and threatened by a nation from the north. Jimmy Evans, author of Where Are The Missing People? The Sudden Disappearance of Millions and What Happens Next, says Russian president Vladimir Putin could be "Gog" in Ezekiel 38. Russia is motivated to invade Israel for their wealth and their recently discovered natural gas. Muslim nations aligned with Russia must invade Israel for their Imam to appear. When Gog attacks Israel, God will destroy his army with burning sulfur.

Side B: 4/1/2023

Where Are All the Missing Christians?



Most people have no idea of the infinitely high price God paid for their salvation! Pastor Robert Nash, author of Last Words -7 Sayings From the Heart of Christ on the Cross, says while Jesus was gasping for every breath, he spoke words filled with hope and compassion. William Frey, says, "Since God can raise the dead, death has lost its power over us." John MacArthur, of Grace to You, tells how the disciples were terrified before the resurrection but after seeing Jesus, they became fearless & transformed the world. Chuck Smith says, "The crucifixion wasn't an accident but designed by God to show his love and forgiveness for sin."

Side A: 3/25/2023

The Millennium p 2


There is coming a paradise on earth where we will have amazing powers and abilities. We will see Isaiah 65 lived out with the wolf and the lamb eating together and the lions eating straw. Author of Heaven, Randy Alcorn, says, "We will not be disembodied spirits but have real bodies like Jesus has. We will eat and taste the best food imaginable." Pastor Tony Evans says, "We will rule with Jesus to enforce righteousness in glorified bodies that are invincible, indestructible!" Pastor Chuck Smith says, "After living in paradise, Satan is released from hell to deceive the nations to follow him to war against Christ."

Side B: 3/18/2023

The Millennium p 1



Pastor David Jeremiah says. "There must be a millennium so we can live out our rewards based on work we've done on earth." After we leave heaven, we will come back with Jesus to this re-newed earth to rule over those on earth who are still in their natural physical bodies. Author of Heaven, Randy Alcorn, says, "Our resurrected bodies will be like Jesus's body with flesh and bones. When Jesus appeared, the disciples touched him, and he ate food to show he wasn't a ghost." Amir Tsarfati, author of Revealing Revelation, says, "Our glorified bodies will have great power and capabilities to serve our King Jesus."

Side A: 3/11/2023

The Great Deceiver p2


Because of God's love, He is giving us a warning of how to identify the great deceiver. There is coming a time of great testing of everyone's faith. Pastor John Hagee says, "Our nation has been deceived by globalists who depend on submissive Americans." Charles Crismier, author of Antichrist - How to Identify the Coming Imposter, said, "This nation is so deceived, we are ripe to accept the Antichrist. Was the fraud in the last election planned to create a one-world government? Could the Covid vaccine which includes a tiny chip, a mark, become mandatory proof of vaccination? Is our nation turning communist?

Side B: 3/4/2023

The Great Deceiver p1



Is the Antichrist on earth now? How will most professing Christians be deceived by the Antichrist? Jesus said, "Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold."  Cuts of Pastor John Hagee saying, "The Antichrist will produce a one world government and one world religion." Charles Crismier, author of Antichrist - How to Identify the Coming Imposter, said, "Without the mark of the beast, you cannot buy or sell, thus you could starve. But the Bible says that the Antichrist and those who take his mark will spend eternity in hell." The world will be receptive to the "man of peace" to quell the chaos.

Side A: 2/25/2023

Debate: Evolution vs Creation p2


Have scientific discoveries made Adam and Even a fable or is Genesis real history? Former science teacher, Dr Kent Hovind, with Creation Science Evangelism, debates 3 evolutionists and says fossils don't prove anything. They're just a bunch of bones found in the dirt. Evolution is a religion based on the preconceived imagination of evolutionists. Saying the universe is billions of years old is calling Jesus a liar since God created Adam and Eve no more than 6,000 years ago. Evolutionist lies using fraudulent drawings that were proved to be false, to justify evolution, are still in textbooks and deceiving generations of kids.

Side B: 2/18/2023

Debate: Evolution vs Creation p1



Is evolution science or religion? Former science teacher, Dr Kent Hovind, with Creation Science Evangelism, who is one of the best creation speakers, debates 3 evolutionary science teachers. The evolutionists said they have proof for evolution that a land animal, a cow, evolved into a whale. Dr Hovind says a piece of a skull, a few teeth and a piece of a jaw don't prove anything! The fossil record is a myth. Fossils are just a bunch of bones found in the dirt that aren't proof of anything except that evolution is a fairy tale to make atheism acceptable. The fossil record is a farce and evolution is a dying religion supported by taxes.

Side A: 2/11/2023

When God Doesn't Make Sense pt 2


Since God is good, and all-powerful why does He allow terrible things to happen to people? Why is God silent when I am hurting? How do you handle unanswered prayers? Dr James Dobson, author of When God Doesn't Make Sense - Holding Onto Your Faith in the Toughest Times, tells how broken he was by seeing his 3 year old son Ryan suffer during a medical procedure. So too, God the Father suffered watching Jesus on the cross. Jesus weeping with Mary and Martha over the death of Lazarus shows how God suffers with us. Jesus demonstrated His power over death by raising his dead friend Lazarus back to life.

Side B: 2/4/2023

When God Doesn't Make Sense pt 1



Why do Godly people suffer? Why does God seem silent when people need him the most? Job was a real man who lost everything including his beloved 10 children. Why? Michael Brown, President of FIRE School of Ministry, host of The Line of Fire, and author of Job - The Faith to Challenge God, says Job knew God well enough to trust the goodness of God so much that he said, "Though He slay me, I will trust in Him." God, who loves us enough to send His only Son to die on the cross for us, puts us through tough situations to develop our faith. Job's advocate is also our advocate - the righteous Jesus!

Side A: 1/28/2023

Rapture Ready or Not?


Some people say the rapture is just an escape. It's no more an escape than getting on Noah's Ark before the Great Flood. Pastor Jack Hibbs says he's excited to be "raptured" up to meet the Lord. Jeff Kinley, the author of Aftershocks -Christians Entering a New Era of Global Crisis, says the time is coming when all believers will be'caught up' i.e. raptured up to be with Jesus as the world goes through the Great Tribulation. Kinley reveals God's magnificent plan from rapture to return to earth with Jesus to be in His Millennium Kingdom and reign with Him for a 1000 years. Then, the New Jerusalem will come down from heaven.

Side B: 1/21/2023

Q and A on Abortion



For 50 years, child killing was legal in all 50 states until the Supreme Court decision in Dobbs, which leaves the abortion decision to each state. Powerful pro-life speaker Seth Gruber, president of The White Rose Resistance says, "50% of all abortions are done with a pill, RU 486! The lynchpin for secularists is,'This is my body, my choice.'" Abortion is part of the deeper spiritual war but many pastors miss it. Charlie Kirk, president of Turning Point USA, joins Seth Gruber to answer questions from students on abortion. What about "Keep abortion safe and legal"? What about rape, incest and the life of the mother?

Side A: 1/14/2023

The Horrors of Abortion


The number one cause of death in America is not heart disease or cancer but is abortion. Without the right to life, no other rights matter. Seth Gruber, a renowned pro-life speaker and president of The White Rose Resistance gives a powerful, passionate speech saying, "Many pastors don't understand that the culture war is a spiritual war. Abortion forms the lynchpin to the silent Marxist revolution." Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, was greatly influenced by communism and euthanasia to start abortion clinics to rid the world of the "unfit." The strategy of our adversaries is sexual chaos, abortion and euthanasia.

Side B: 1/7/2023

Will The Rapture Be in 2023?



Are we close to the rapture where believers will rise in the sky and be transformed into a spirit body? Prophecy expert Dr David Reagan, founder of Lamb & Lion Ministries and author of Living on Borrowed Time - The Imminent Return of Jesus, said, "Before satellite TV, people couldn't understand how God's witnesses in Rev. 11 could be seen worldwide. Holograms & virtual reality show prophecy is becoming reality. The Israelites said Jeremiah was a false prophet, and God would never destroy Israel since they had His Temple. God did destroy Israel, and He will destroy America if we don't repent.

Side A: 12/31/2022

The Third Great Awakening


Revival is God's remedy for a morally and spiritually sick nation. Revivals have transformed the lives of people and nations. The First Great Awakening led to America's independence from Britain. Daniel Norris, the author of Trail of Fire - True Stories From Ten of the Most Powerful Moves of God, vividly describes how Jonathan Edward's sermon, "Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God" began a nationwide revival that changed our destiny. The 2nd Great Awakening with Charles Finney led to a great revival that spread worldwide. Great revivals have resulted in entire cities shutting down for prayer meetings.

Side B: 12/24/2022

The Miraculous Birth of God



The greatest event in all history was that the Creator of the universe became a baby, the man Jesus. It's amazing that the God who created everything came to earth as a single cell, says famed actor Bruce Marchiano. Pastor Francis Chan, author of Crazy Love, gives an impassioned Christmas message exclaiming how God emptied himself and left heaven to become a man! If you want to know what God is like, look at Jesus! Jesus shows that God isn't angry but loving, patient and kind. When a primitive tribe first heard the gospel and how God had forgiven them of all sins, they leaped for joy and celebrated for hours.

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