Our mission is the heart of the gospel.
As Jesus said, "Go into all the world,
make disciples and teach them"
Teaching His disciples is our mission
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Merry Christmas
4th Quarter 2010

Tea Anyone?
3rd Quarter 2010

America faces a new culture war
2nd Quarter 2010

Health Care Law Signals US Empire Decline
1st Quarter 2010

Welcome to the end of an Empire!
4th Quarter 2009

A Time For Courage
3rd Quarter 2009

Capitalism vs Socialism
2nd Quarter 2009

America needs God once again
1st Quarter 2009

Christmas is a Time For Joy
4th Quarter 2008

A Time for Choosing
3rd Quarter 2008

A Personal Story - from Bob Boyd
2nd Quarter 2008

Why are most Muslims supporting Democrats
1st Quarter 2008

Teenagers at risk for heart disease
3-4th Quarter 2007

Losing alternative health care in America
2nd Quarter 2007

Easter means Christ is RISEN!
1st Quarter 2007

Liberals Take Control of Congress!
4th Quarter 2006

This War is Real!
3rd Quarter 2006

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2nd Quarter 2006
"Zarqawi will never murder again"

1st Quarter 2006
Terror in the skies

4th Quarter 2005
Federal judge declares intelligent design unconstitutional!

3rd Quarter 2005
How is JOY possible in the midst of suffering?

2nd Quarter 2005

1st Quarter 2005
Life support? Persistent vegetative state?

4th Quarter 2004
Where's the victory celebration for our victory in Fallujah, Iraq?

3rd Quarter 2004
How can anyone shoot or blow up perfectly innocent little school children?

2nd Quarter 2004
Is This the END of Christianity in America?

1st Quarter 2004
Is America offending God?

Parents! Don't simply ask what kind of education you want for your children.
Ask what kind of people you want them to become!

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