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Side A: 11/11/2017

Korean Veteran


How can we raise young heroes to defend our freedoms, if young people don't know the price others paid to win our freedoms in the past? This inspirational program features a captivating account by Korean veteran Ed Reeves. Ed fought for his life in minus 30 to 40 degree temperatures. It was so cold, the bullet holes in his body froze shut and kept him from bleeding to death. Even after almost all the others were killed, Ed Reeves clung to his faith and Gideon Bible, and fought on despite his life-threatening wounds and no ammunition. This miraculous account is spell binding. It's as if you are there.

Side B: 11/4/2017

The Jesus Life



There's plenty of information but little transformation! People know what Jesus taught but not how He lived. Stephen Smith, author of The Jesus Life, Eight Ways to Recover Authentic Christianity, says "Jesus was not stressed as many of us are today. He enjoyed life with dinners, debates and long walks with his disciples, yet He regularly got away to be alone in prayer. The dinner table is more than simply eating but fellowship and acceptance." Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Love changes atheists into followers of Christ. To live as Jesus lived means to savor and enjoy life not just endure it.

Side A: 10/28/2017

The Answer for ADHD


Why are healthy children labeled "ADHD" and put on psychiatric drugs? Are they drugs for a real disease or simply for the teacher to control the class? What can parents do with a "strong willed child?" Is there a chemical imbalance in the brain? Dr Peter Breggin, a psychiatrist for over 40 years, and a consultant for the National Institute of Mental Health, has written more than 20 books, including Medication Madness - A Psychiatrist Exposes the Dangers of Mood Altering Drugs. Dr Breggin gives some fascinating case studies where psychiatric drugs didn't cure chemical imbalances but caused them.

Side B: 10/21/2017

The Biblical Basis for Education



How can America get back to the ideas that made it the greatest Christian nation in history? Peter Marshall, author of The Light and The Glory, gave says, "Colonial New England produced the most incredibly, well-educated generation of Founding Fathers who were not only brilliant but they were full of Godly Character." Amazing achievements include the revival at Yale led by its president; Jonathan Trumble read the entire Bible at age 4 and passed the entrance exam to Yale at age 7. John Qunicy Adams was an ambassador to Russia at age 14. Without absolute values corruption and destruction are certain.

Side A: 10/14/2017

Education: What's God's Opinion?


Parents! What is your primary purpose in educating your child? Does God care what school your child goes to? Are public schools religiously neutral? Israel Wayne, is best selling author of Education: Does God Have an Opinion? Are home schooled kids adequately socialized or too sheltered? Why were the public schools started? From God's perspective, what is a good school? For a good education, teach your child to know and love the Lord, give them the tools to learn, teach them to read, to reason and do research so they will succeed! The greatest issue for the future of the Church is the education of its own kids.

Side B: 10/7/2017

Connecting Life and Faith



How can we best explain who God is to a teenager? What's the main obstacle that keeps youth away from Faith in Christ? Legendary Josh McDowell, author of 147 books, such as More Than a Carpenter and Evidence That Demands a Verdict and his newest #Truth- 365 Devotions for Teens, Connecting Life and Faith, says he was raped as a child, became agnostic, yet became one of the worlds great authors and debaters. Josh did a study to discover how Justin Martyr turned his pagan culture to Christ and discovered keys to make Christianity relevant, inspirational, compelling and life changing for youth today.

Side A: 9/30/2017

Great News for Americans part 2


Professors have convinced many impressionable students that Marxism helps the poor more than capitalism. But socialism and communism not only haven't helped the poor but slaughtered them. The USSR and China slaughtered about 100 million people in the last century. What's the difference between liberalism, socialism and communism? Jesus and the early Christians were not socialists! Jay Richards, author of Money, Greed, & God, dispels economic myths that lead students to become socialists. How do moral issues affect economic issues? The biggest cause of poverty is single motherhood.

Side B: 9/23/2017

Great News for Americans part 1



Gerard Lameiro, author of Great News For America- The Constitution, Freedom and Prosperity Are Coming Back, correctly predicted a conservative victory for Trump when the media said he didn't have a chance. He predicts the diminishing of RINO republicans and the end of the liberal Democrat Party. He now predicts true conservatives will gain control in Congress and we will see the end of the Roe v Wade abortion holocaust and the national debt paid off. He says, "We are just beginning to witness a new conservative revolution. God is answering the prayers of His people!" This is great news!

Side A: 9/16/2017

War Against Islamic Jihad part 2


American universities have become breeding grounds for recruiting students into Islam! Kamal Saleem, a Muslim terrorist trained to kill infidels, went on his first mission to kill Israelis at age 7. He came to America to recruit students into Jihad, but through a life threatening car accident, he turned to Christ, and Christ appeared to him. How could anything other than an authentic experience with the Risen Christ explain the complete transformation of the hardened mind of this Muslim terrorist? Kamal has become such a fearless and zealous Christian that he goes into Mosques to convert Muslims to Christ.

Side B: 9/9/2017

War Against Islamic Jihad part 1



What does America represent to the world? Does America have a unique culture or is it just a melting pot? Col. Larkin Spivey, a combat US Marine and the author of What Do We Stand For? American Ideals in the War Against Islamic Jihad, says Islamic Jihad is contrary to our Constitutional freedoms, yet Islamists pose a serious threat with Sharia Law that would undermine our basic principals. The Founders gave individuals the greatest freedom in history by limiting government; in stark contrast to Islam Sharia Law's oppression by a few. American is unique because of belief that Christ gave us freedom.

Parents! Don't simply ask what kind of education you want for your children.
Ask what kind of people you want them to become!

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