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Side A: 2/15/2020

Was Washington a Christian?


Are we ashamed of our nation's heritage? Was Washington a Christian or a deist? Did he own slaves? Peter Lillback, author of George Washington's Sacred Fire, gives the benefits we have because of our First President. Washington refused to make himself king but instead chose to become our first President. He believed the power entrusted to him was a sacred fire of liberty. He said, "The two indispensable pillars for any government are religion and morality." Peter Marshall, author of The Light and the Glory, describes how God supernaturally protected Washington and saved our rag-tag Continental army.

Side B: 2/8/2020

Capitalism vs Socialism



Professors have convinced many impressionable students that Marxism helps the poor more than capitalism. But socialism and communism not only haven't helped the poor but have slaughtered them. The USSR and China slaughtered about 100 million people in the last century. What's the difference between liberalism, socialism and communism? Jesus and the early Christians were not socialists! Jay Richards, author of Money, Greed, & God, dispels economic myths that lead students to become socialists. How do moral issues affect economic issues? The biggest cause of poverty is single motherhood.

Side A: 2/1/2020

This Life is Not the End of Me part 2


How do all things work for the good for someone with brain cancer? Dr Lee Warren, a neurosurgeon and Iraq war veteran, is the author of I've Seen the End of You- a Neurosurgeon's Look at Faith, Doubt and the Things We Think We Know. There's a spiritual aspect of entering the most inner part of a person's mind in brain surgery. The most excruciating moments in a doctor's practice is asking a loved one to take their loved one off life support. These inspirational accounts reveal a profound faith in some patients who pray that God would take them home to heaven. Dr Warran tells of the devastating loss of his own son.

Side B: 1/25/2020

This Life is Not the End of Me part 1



We will each face the fear and pain of our death or a loved one. How we respond will show a deep faith or shallow religiosity. Dr Lee Warren, a neurosurgeon and Iraq war veteran, is the author of I've Seen the End of You- a Neurosurgeon's Look at Faith, Doubt and the Things We Think We Know. As a Christian doctor, how can he honestly pray for a patient who has a type of brain cancer that's almost 100% fatal? In this gripping, inspirational memoir, you will get an honest look between his faith and his medical experience. His testimony will stir your faith as you hear the insightful and profound thoughts of a brilliant surgeon!

Side A: 1/18/2020

Protecting Life pt 2


Can you imagine the owner of the abortion clinic coming into your child's school to teach children sex ed? The abortion clinic owner, Carol Everett, author of Blood Money, said that's exactly what she did, because it increased her abortion business. Her clinic prescribed birth control pills they knew would enable girls to become pregnant. Carol Everett, who was responsible for the deaths of over 35,000 babies, tells the truth about sex ed. Planned Parenthood counselors have degenerated into telling children to experiment with deviant sexual behavior. Anyone with kids in school needs to hear this fascinating program.

Side B: 1/11/2020

Protecting Life pt 1



Killing babies is not just a political issues it is a human rights issue. With a pro-life President, the abortion holocaust is close to ending. Gianna Jessin, who survived an abortion, is a voice from God telling us that we're killing His babies. Dr Bernard Nathanson, author of The Hand of God, was the infamous abortionist who operated the largest abortion mill in the world, killing over 75,000 babies including his own son. He tells how they used words, like calling baby killing simply a woman's choice or reproductive heath, which helped make abortion legal. Partial birth abortion is really infanticide.

Side A: 1/4/2020

Elimination of Hurry


Are you ruled by the tyranny of the urgent, hurrying through life and not enjoying it? Are you addicted to being busy or to your i-phone? Hurry, anxiety and stress are enemies of a healthy spiritual life that separate us from God. John Mark Comer gave up his 7000-member mega-church, because he was burned out. He now pastors a smaller church in Portland. John Mark Comer, the author of The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry, says Jesus life was not hurried but full of peace, love and joy. Slow down, spend time with God and have a better life. Since Jesus needed solitary time in prayer, we much more do we?

Side B: 12/28/2019

Power in Praise



Do you thank God for every situation in your life, even the bad ones? Could you thank God for a child with ADHD or blindness? God has a gift for you that will enable you to go through the worst of times and enrich you to enjoy the best of times. Merlin Carothers, author of Prison to Praise, which isn't about a prison with bars but a prison of circumstances, says praising the Lord in bad circumstances demonstrates trust in Him. Praise is not a magic formula to manipulate God but genuine gratitude that pleases God and gives you His peace and joy and sometimes-miraculous answers. Praise works wonders!

Side A: 12/21/2019

True Meaning of Christmas


It's amazing that the God who created everything from nothing came to earth as a single cell. Bruce Marchiano, the gifted actor who played the part of Jesus in more movies than any other actor, gives a profound description of the joy and wonder of Jesus Christ. Jesus was a man of joy demonstrating the Kingdom with miraculous signs. He came to serve and give people healing and life, but many, to their own detriment, walked away. God gave up the riches of heaven to live a humble life and die for others. God in the flesh describes Himself as gentle and humble. He is a sensitive man full of love for lost people.

Side B: 12/14/2019

Classic Christmas Composers



Christmas would not be Christmas without Christmas music. It's ironic that public schools censor out any music that mentions Jesus as Lord, yet the greatest musicians were Christians. Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Handel... were born again Christians who loved our Lord. Dr Patrick Kavenaugh, author of Devotions from the World of Music, and Raising Musical Kids, gives some fascinating details into the lives of the world's greatest composers and some great ideas how to help your child develop a love for good music. What do you say when your little Mozart wants to quit his music lessons?

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