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Side A: 6/9/2018

From Jihad to Jesus


Most Americans are unaware of how pervasive Islam has become in our schools. Schools only give one side to students without telling them how intolerant and cruel Sharia Law is, or that it was Christianity that gave this country the freedoms we have. Ex-Muslim Jerry Rassamni, author of From Jihad to Jesus, tells how barbaric he was in killing Christians in Lebanon. Jerry Rassamni is a living miracle, a once hardened Muslim terrorist who has been transformed. This magnificent message is filled with compassion, and told with Biblical wisdom that will bring tears to your eyes. Allah and Christ are opposites.

Side B: 6/2/2018

Healing a Broken Nation



How has our nation gone from Christian to a nation where Christianity is criminalized? Where evil is called good and good is called evil. Not long ago, Marxism and socialism were scorned, but now universities indoctrinate students into Marxist ideas and hate for country and capitalism. David Kupelian, author of The Snapping of the American Mind, says words have been changed to mean the exact opposite of what they used to mean. Tolerance means intolerance of Christians. The horror of killing a baby is simply a woman's choice. Why are 4 to 5 million healthy boys labeled ADHD and put on drugs?

Side A: 5/26/2018

Men of Valor


Freedom is not free but purchased at great cost. Memorial Day is a day to remember the sacrifices that paid for our freedoms. John Steer, author of Wounded Soldier, gives fascinating accounts of his experiences in Viet Nam and how he later took the gospel to Russian generals. Gary Horton, a school assembly speaker, was an Army Ranger who fought for our freedoms, yet he's not given the freedom to speak about his Christian faith in public schools. Schools have re-written our history, banned the flag, and banned the motto and the pledge. Horton gives some impassioned words from our valorous soldiers.

Side B: 5/19/2018

Defender of the Weak



How can people defend themselves when cities are sanctuaries for criminals? Mark Robinson speaks boldly to defend our freedoms contrary the thousands of students who marched for gun control. Chris Whaley, author of The Masked Saint, is a pastor who was also a pro-wrestler who used his wrestling skills to help defenseless women, old men, and people being robbed. He took on 4 Klansmen at night during a KKK rally. Chris went out during the night wearing his wrestling costume to get men who were stealing Christmas presents from poor families. Chris is a Christian version of Superman fighting evil!

Side A: 5/12/2018

How God's Designs Work


Many technological advances are based on nature. Some of the best inventions come from those who study God's design in nature yet don't give God credit or even acknowledge Him. Aerospace engineer, Jeff Seto, co-author of Made in Heaven -Man's Indiscriminate Stealing of God's Amazing Design, gives many examples of ideas that came from God in nature, like mosquitoes (painless needles) and spiders, mussels (underwater glue), wasps and burrs (Velcro) that serve as inspirations for top scientists. Ray Comfort, says, "It's dishonest to steal God's ideas and say they came from nothing."

Side B: 5/5/2018

It's a Young Earth



Is the age of the earth important? Some stars are so far from earth that it would take millions of years for their light to reach us. Is that proof for an "old earth"? Many people, including Christian leaders, try to fit billions of years into the Genesis account. Russ Miller, author of It's About Time - How to Believe God's Word in a Secular World, substantiates the Biblical account through logical and scientific answers to man's origin, sin and death. The amazing universe shows God's awesome creativity. The omnipotent Creator simply spoke and galaxies whirled into space and the universe was created.

Side A: 4/28/2018

Trumpocalypse part 2


God has blessed America as no other nation but we've expelled God from our schools and society allowing anti-Christ forces to target Christians as enemies. Paul McGuire, author of Trumpocalypse - The End Times President, a Battle Against the Globalist Elite, and the Countdown to Armageddon, says in the coming one-world globalism you will be required to take the mark of the beast or be martyred. Two-thirds of young evangelicals under 35 believe non-Christians can go to heaven without Christ. Are we in the end times? An EMP could devastate America. Russia is a serious threat with their new Satan 2 missiles.

Side B: 4/21/2018

Trumpocalypse part 1



Is America headed for another Civil War? Our nation is as divided as any time in history. One side holds a Biblical worldview while the other calls for a globalist state. Schools propagate ideas of utopian globalism, but what does the Bible say about globalism? Paul McGuire, author of Trumpocalypse - The End Times President, a Battle Against the Globalist Elite, and the Countdown to Armageddon, says, "President Trump is viciously attacked by the establishment and media, because he is, as Hillary Clinton says, "He is undermining the global order," and confronting the evil system that rules the world.

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