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Side A: 4/13/2019

A Terrorist Comes to Christ


American universities have become breeding grounds for recruiting students into Islam! Kamal Saleem, a Muslim terrorist trained to kill infidels, went on his first mission to kill Israelis at age 7. He came to America to recruit students into Jihad, but through a life threatening car accident, he turned to Christ, and Christ appeared to him. How could anything other than an authentic experience with the Risen Christ explain the complete transformation of the hardened mind of this Muslim terrorist? Kamal has become such a fearless and zealous Christian that he goes into Mosques to convert Muslims to Christ.

Side B: 4/6/2019

What Is Your Purpose in Life?



What is the purpose of your life? If your life has a purpose, your life will be fulfilling and you will have a deep sense of joy. At the end of your life, don't you want your life to matter? Richard E. Simmons, author of The Reason for Life - Why Did God put Me Here?, says "Just as happiness is a by-product of a meaningful life, so futility is a by-product of a worldly life." Tom Brady winner of 6 super bowls said, "There has to be something greater for my life." Navy Seals were shocked that the hostages they tried to rescue wouldn't leave until one Seal'became one of them'. That's what God did. He become one of us.

Side A: 3/30/2019

WW II - Normandy part 2


How do you kill 11 million people? The Nazi's lied to the people targeted for elimination! Fake news is not harmless but a serious threat to our freedoms. Cut of President Trump saying, "Fake news is an enemy of the people." Cut of Ocasio Cortez and the Democrats New Green Deal. Fake news is propaganda disguised as news. Andy Andrews, author of How Do You Kill 11 Million People? - Why The Truth Matters More Than You Think, says the 11 million people killed by Nazi's could have fought back but didn't. Why? Nazis like Eichmann told them they were being protected! They were lied to just as we are.

Side B: 3/23/2019

WW II - Normandy part 1



The most significant event of the twentieth century was World War II. Almost ½ a million Americans died in WWII. The bloodiest battle was in Normandy. Of all the dangers facing our nation, the greatest is the ignorance of youth who have no idea of the sacrifices made by prior generations! Francois Gauthron, a battlefield expert and author of Colors of War, describes the fake cities built to look like London but in the suburbs. There were fake airplanes, trucks, tanks and soldiers made to fool German bombers. The outcome of the war was decided in North Africa by stopping the oil supply line.

Side A: 3/16/2019

Healthy Options


Public health officials warn that this generation is at greater risk for heart disease and diabetes. Children who eat just three hot dogs a week have 9 times the risk of getting leukemia. Americans are dieting more but are more overweight than ever which increases their risk of getting cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Dr Ted Broer, a nutrition expert and author of Maximum Fat Loss and Maximum Energy, gives a comprehensive overview of a good diet and foods to avoid. He warns of Ritalin use for ADHD. Lifelong habits are established in youth, yet 27% of young people are too fat to fight in the military.

Side B: 3/9/2019

Incredibly and Wonderfully Made



Intelligent design indicates a Designer. Nothing in science is as certain as God's revelation in nature. Dr Richard Swenson, physician, physicist and best selling author of More Than Meets The Eye - Fascinating Glimpses of God's Power and Design, describes the wonders of the human eye, ear, & brain (the most complex arrangement of matter in the universe), and the mysterious dimensions beyond the universe. God works in between time and has an eternity to answer everyones prayers! The physical universe may be a tiny molecule on God's throne. God displays power, precision and beauty in His universe.

Side A: 3/2/2019

Spiritual Warfare Against America 2


America is becoming a Muslim nation! Many Muslims were recently elected as judges who will put Sharia over the Constitution, and many were elected to school boards to put Islam into the curriculum! Why is the Left siding with our mortal enemies? The Democrat Party has become the Party of Islam! Jamie Glazov, author of Jihadist Psychopath, says, "Liberals know how to win this culture war, which is a spiritual war, while conservatives are unaware the war even exists. Obama ordered the feds not to link Jihad with Islam but blamed guns! Jihad denial is crucial for the Left to deceive us."

Side B: 2/23/2019

Spiritual Warfare Against America 1



Why has the American liberal left aligned itself with our mortal enemies? Jamie Glazov, editor of Front Page Magazine and author of Jihadist Psychopath - He is Charming, Seducing and Devouring Us, says, "Islam and the Left have united to wage war against Christian America because they want to destroy our culture to build their paradise on the ashes. But every attempt to build a heaven on earth results in hell on earth. Islam and the Left are death cults. Look at how the Left devastated the people of the USSR, Cambodia, Cuba, etc." The Left has taken control of education, the media and much of government.

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