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Side A: 11/20/2021



Pastor Garrett Lear, whose ancestors came here on the Mayflower, says this Christian country is being stolen! Peter Marshall, author of The Light and The Glory, says the Pilgrims didn't come here for religious freedom but they came here as missionaries. The Pilgrims were starving, with only 5 kernels of corn a day, but God brought an English speaking Indian who taught them survival skills. Dr John Pafford says it was the strong Christian faith of the Pilgrims that established this nation as a Christian commonwealth and fostered a free market economy. Vaughn Shatzer says Christianity was foundational to all aspects of life.

Side B: 11/13/2021

The Myth of Evolution



Who's right, the public school science teacher or the pastor? Most pastors don't teach the scientific source of origins but leave that to the secular science teachers. Is it any wonder a majority of public school students become evolutionists? James Perloff, author of Tornado in a Junkyard and The Case Against Darwin, gives solid scientific reasons to believe the Biblical account and reject the myth of evolution. Darwin didn't know about genetics, but we know now that genetics disproves evolution. The consequences of evolution are endemic as seen in the evils of abortion and communism. Marx saw people as evolved animals.

Side A: 11/6/2021

Our Valiant Veterans


On the Korean Memorial are these words, "Freedom is not free!" Think of the high price paid by our brave veterans. Many gave their tomorrows for our todays. This Veterans Day inspirational program features a captivating account by Korean veteran Ed Reeves, who fought for his life in minus 30 to 40 degree temperatures. It was so cold, the bullet holes in his body froze shut and kept him from bleeding to death. Even after almost all the others were killed, Ed Reeves clung to his faith and Bible, and fought on despite his life-threatening wounds without ammunition. This miraculous account is spell binding.

Side B: 10/30/2021

Where's America in the End Times?



What happens to America in end times? Dennis Prager tells of a teacher who says the American flag is a symbol of oppression. To those in communist countries, our flag represents freedom. Steve Hilton, host of The Next Revolution, says the Biden Administration is an enemy to our nation. Prophecy expert, Amir Tsarfati, author of The Day Approaching and Israel & the Church, describes us leaving heaven to follow Christ back to earth to end the Great Tribulation, then rule with Him in the Millennium in our Resurrected bodies and finally live forever in the New Jerusalem. We are closer to the Rapture than ever.

Side A: 10/23/2021

The Dangers of Islam


Why are public schools promoting Islam when Christianity gave us freedom and prosperity? Martin Mawyer, author of Twilight In America -The Untold Story of Islamic Terrorist Training Camps Inside America, describes the 3 dozen camps he has personally seen and how they plan to take over America for Allah. Dr Bob Morey, an expert on Islam, and author of over 40 books, with two doctorates, says Muslims are planning a massive attack (with a nuclear device) in America to bring this nation under subjection to the barbaric Sharia Law. How can we prevent and even defeat this coming Islamic devastating attack?

Side B: 10/16/2021

The Faith of the Martyrs



How did just a small group of Christians change the world, yet today millions of Christians are changed by the world? Ted Byfield, author of The Christians: Their First Two Thousand Years, says the world was convinced of the truth of the gospel, because Christians demonstrated their faith through the most gruesome tortures and death. Todd Nettleson, with the Voice of the Martyrs, gives fascinating accounts from his book Extreme Devotion, such as the mother who refused to deny Christ despite being forced to watch her children hanged, and she was run over by a steamroller. Supernatural courage originates with God.

Side A: 10/9/2021

Coming to America To Be Saved


With the huge influx of Afghan refugees, and with our southern border wide open, God is giving us opportunities to give them the gospel! There are Muslim terrorists coming in with them like Kamal Saleem, a Muslim terrorist who came to recruit students into Jihad, but through a life threatening car accident, he turned to Christ, and Christ appeared to him. How could anything other than an authentic experience with the Risen Christ explain the complete transformation of the hardened mind of this Muslim terrorist? Kamal is a fearless and zealous Christian who goes into Mosques to convert Muslims to Christ.

Side B: 10/2/2021

New Texas Heartbeat Law



The Supreme Court has let the Texas Heartbeat Law stand, giving us the biggest prolife victory in decades! This may end the abortion holocaust. Cuts of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Shannon Bream of Fox News. Ray Comfort, evangelist and producer of the film "180," changes minds about abortion 180 degrees by comparing the killing babies in abortion to killing Jews in Nazi Germany. To say it's a woman's choice is comparable to saying it was Hitler's choice to kill Jews. Troy Newman, president of Operation Rescue and author of Their Blood Cries Out, says that abortion is not simply "a girl's choice," but killing a live baby.

Side A: 9/25/2021

Life Without Limbs


How could God have a purpose for a person born without arms, hands or legs? Nick Vujicic is a best selling author, evangelist and international speaker who has spoken to hundreds of millions of people. Nick Vujicic wrote, "If you can't get a miracle, be a miracle." His disability has given him a unique opportunity to transform lives. He has witnessed miracles like praying for the founder of a human trafficking industry in India as she became healed and a Christian. If he can have purpose and joy without arms or legs, then anyone can. Cuts of Nick speaking at a Christian school and at a state prison in Alabama.

Side B: 9/18/2021

Vouchers Mean Choice



Instead of humanist public schools converting Christian kids to humanism, how about Christian schools taking vouchers and converting secular students to Christ? Milton Friedman, the greatest economist of the 20th century, says, "Choice doesn't take money from public schools but gives the money to parents to use at any school of their choice. Choice improves education by competition." Myron Lieberman says, "Christian schools do a better job for half the cost of public schools." Robert Enlow and Leslie Hiner, say, "Improving education is no longer theoretical but a proven fact through years of choice."

Parents! Don't simply ask what kind of education you want for your children.
Ask what kind of people you want them to become!

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