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Side A: 3/13/2021

On Wings Like Eagles


The majestic eagle is a symbol of strength and freedom. Just as opposing winds cause an eagle to soar higher, so adversity strengthens Godly people. So when adversity comes, don't let it get you down, let it push you up as you draw closer to God. Inspirational speaker, Gary Horton, says the female eagle tests the male eagle to be sure he will be there to catch the little eaglet as he falls from the nest. So too, we can trust our Lord to be there to catch us when we fall. Mary Whelchel, author of Soaring on High - Spiritual Insights from The Life of An Eagle, makes parallels between God's amazing eagle and Christians.

Side B: 3/6/2021

How To Change America



The prayers of millions of Christians didn't produce the results we wanted. Most Christians are unaware of the spiritual assault on our nation and don't know how to counter it. David Barton of Wallbuilders says the church has the wrong strategy by focusing on 'bigger is better', on conversion and not discipleship. Jesus had huge crowds but the crowds didn't change the world. It was the dozen mentored disciples who did. The War for Independence was won with local victories. To change America we need to focus on our local battles. John Quincy Adams was mentored to become one of America's greatest Founders.

Side A: 2/27/2021

Taking A Courageous Stand pt 2


Has America been conquered? We've raised generations on socialism and now have a Marxist government! Pastor Jack Hibbs said, "The Democrat rule in D.C. will use their unchecked power to lead our populace into becoming a compliant populace reducing us to a global state." Pastor Erwin Lutzer, author of We Will Not Be Silenced - Responding to Our Culture's Assault on Christianity, said, "With conservative speech silenced, with pornographic sex ed, and transgenderism, with the break up of the family, Marxism will have accomplished its goal to demoralize youth, cause confusion and result in tyranny and communism.

Side B: 2/20/2021

Taking A Courageous Stand pt 1



Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, Ca., said, "In less than a year, America has gone from being the pinnacle of power, freedom and prosperity to now fear, confusion and oppression. America as we've known it is no more! The opening prayer for Congress called on Brahma the god in Hinduism!" Pastor Erwin Lutzer, author of We Will Not Be Silenced - Responding to Our Culture's Assault on Christianity, said, "While our culture has been transformed the Church has remained silent. We're calling for the Church to stand up courageously against this assault; to replace complacency with courage!"

Side A: 2/13/2021

Horrors of the Holocaust


How do you kill 11 million people? Andy Andrews, author of How Do You Kill 11 Million People? - Why The Truth Matters More Than You Think, says 11 million people is the number killed by Nazi's from 1933 to 1945. Why couldn't they have fought back? They were lied to by Nazi leaders like Eichmann, and they believed it. Hilmar Von Campe, was a German soldier under Hitler, says we are being led down the same socialist road that Germany went down. Are we just one national disaster away from tyranny? Hilmar gives a wake up call so we don't fall into the same terrifying Nazi-style totalitarian abyss Germany did.

Side B: 2/6/2021

Bonhoeffer's Dedication to Christ



The way to teach character is through role models and biographies. Brilliant young German theologian, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, author of The Cost of Discipleship, challenged Hitler and the compromised German Church. Because Bonhoeffer lived a Cross centered life, he also died a martyr's death at the age of 39. Professor Stephen Nichols, professor at Lancaster Bible College and the author of Bonhoeffer - On the Christian Life, From The Cross, For The World, sees parallels between Germany in Bonhoeffer's day and our society today and what it means to be a true disciple. "Silence in the face of evil is itself evil," wrote Bonhoeffer.

Side A: 1/30/2021

AntiChrist: -The Great Imposter p 2


Because of God's love, He is giving us a warning of how to identify the great deceiver. There is coming a time of great testing of everyone's faith. Pastor John Hagee says, "Our nation has been deceived by globalists who depend on submissive Americans." Charles Crismier, author of Antichrist - How to Identify the Coming Imposter, said, "This nation is so deceived, we are ripe to accept the Antichrist. Was the fraud in the last election planned to create a one-world government? Could the Covid vaccine include a tiny chip, a mark, become mandatory proof of vaccination? Is our nation turning communist?

Side B: 1/23/2021

AntiChrist: -The Great Imposter p 1



Is the Antichrist on earth now? How will most professing Christians be deceived by the Antichrist? Jesus said, "Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold."  Cuts of Pastor John Hagee saying, "The Antichrist will produce a one world government and one world religion." Charles Crismier, author of Antichrist - How to Identify the Coming Imposter, said, "Without the mark of the beast, you cannot buy or sell, thus you could starve. But the Bible says that the Antichrist and those who take his mark will spend eternity in hell." The world will be receptive to the "man of peace" to quell the chaos.

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