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Side A: 10/18/2014

We Can Restore Our Culture


Never have so many Christians been so irrelevant. Because we are not united. Internationally famous James Robison says a personal relationship with Christ should have public consequences. The Church has made a grave error by making converts instead of disciples. Obama says government is the solution. Reagan said, "Government is the problem." Jay Richards, co-author of Indivisible, says there are no moral absolutes, right or wrongs and relativism is being used to tear down student's beliefs and replace them with secular beliefs. There are many options to public schools including the Internet that has free courses.

Side B: 10/11/2014

Why is America Turning From God



Is our culture turning from God? Satan is deadly serious about getting the children, and he gets most from the secular public schools. An excellent example of how can seen in the fascinating film God's Not Dead starring Kevin Sorbo (played Hercules) as the atheist professor who demands his students write down God is dead! Cuts from the film include; the universe created itself; belief in God is a primitive superstition... Yet Kevin is a conservative Christian who says proof for God is to just look at a flower or the stars. Kevin suffered a life-threatening stroke that left Hercules weak, but God strengthened him.

Side A: 10/4/2014

Perilous Times pt 2


Americans are under perilous assault from enemies outside and even inside our government. While Obama calls the threat of Isis junior varsity, Sec. of Defense Hagel, and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Demsey, say ISIS is sophisticated, well funded and equipped. Joel Gilbert ,producer of the film, There's No Place Like Utopia, says the failed liberal policies that have devastated cities like Detroit, has been planned for the whole country. It's socialism and Marxism that leads to poverty and oppression. The media has suppressed Obama's background as a radical socialist and his Marxist agenda for this nation.

Side B: 9/27/2014

Perilous Times pt 1



America is at war with enemies both outside and inside our nation. With the terrorist threat of ISIS (Muslim), having open borders allows them to easily terrorize this nation. Columnist Rick Jensen, says the crisis of children streaming over the border was planned by the Obama Administration for a purpose. Curtis Bowers, producer of the film Agenda- Grinding America Down, says communism is alive and progressing in our government and media. The term "communist" has been replaced but their agenda remains the same. The left has been so successful, they've put one of their own in the White House.

Side A: 9/20/2014

Criminalizing Christianity pt 2


Most Americans think the phrase separation of church and state is in the Constitution. But it is not. A personal letter from Jefferson has become the basis of Supreme Court decisions instead of the Constitution. Thus, our religious freedoms have been stolen when a boy can't read his Bible during free time at school or pray at a graduation. David Barton, author of The Jefferson Lies, says that phrase has been used to remove anything Christian from culture. Was Jefferson a deist or a Christian? Did Jefferson own slaves? Did Jefferson censor out the miracles of Jesus? Did Jefferson promote the gospel to the Indians?

Side B: 9/13/2014

Criminalizing Christianity pt 1



President Obama has done what no court or Congress could do - end religious freedom with a stroke of his pen. Obama's executive order changes the government from protecting religious freedom to criminalizing Christians.  In order to do business with the federal government, Christians must compromise their religious beliefs on homosexuality. Attorney Eric Stanley, spokesman for Alliance Defending Freedom, gives examples of how the government is trampling upon the religious freedom with cake bakers, florists and wedding photographers who refuse to participate in homosexual "weddings."

Side A: 9/6/2014

Invasion pt 2


The invasion of illegals is a manufactured crisis. We cannot have a welfare system and allow unlimited illegals to bankrupt the nation.  30% of all prison inmates are illegals.  Obamacare is a manufactured crisis that will ruin the finest medical and insurance industries in the world.  Other manufactured crises; open homosexuality in the military, executive orders bypassing Congress, and the national debt exceeding $17 trillion.   Transforming America through constant crises is intentional to transform America into a Marxist state.  The key is not to get upset or give up. With God, we can win back our nation.

Side B: 8/30/2014

Invasion pt 1



As the a flood of illegals continues streaming across the border, the government is creating a crisis that will bankrupt the nation. Illegals cost $338 billion a year in welfare, education, medical, and incarceration. Zach Taylor, a retired border patrol agent, says the millions of illegals are part of a Marxist strategy.  David Kupelian, editor of WorldNet Daily and author of How Evil Works - Understanding and Overcoming the Destructive Forces that Are Transforming America, says Obama is following his Marxist mentors to create the perfect crisis on the border crisis to transform America into a Marxist state as in other nations. 

Side A: 8/23/2014

The Day That I Died


Do you know exactly where you will go after you die? Death is not the end but the beginning of forever. Freddy Vest, author of The Day I Died - My Astonishing Trip to Heaven and Back, said, "One moment I was riding my horse Rapture in the rodeo the next moment I was stone cold dead." The 700 Club made a re-enactment of cowboy Freddy Vest's story. What is Jesus like? Does your personality and your soul live on in eternity? Freddy Vest gives us a glimpse of what awaits us when we die. What do our prayers look like in heaven? His supernatural, miraculous experience changed his life, and it will change yours as well.

Side B: 8/16/2014

Raising Kids With Purpose



Don't ask what kind of education is best for your child, but ask what do you want your child to be. How can you raise a Christian child in an anti-Christian school? Education isn't just academics, but it's discipleship. Students learn the ways of the world in public school, not the ways of the Lord. Israel Wayne, author of Full Time Parenting, says, "Parenting is an awesome responsibility, given by God, yet most parents don't take it seriously." Everything in public school conforms students to the world. Yet the Bible says, "Be not conformed to the world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind."

Side A: 8/9/2014

Survival at Sea pt 2


How would you survive the terror at night as your ship is torpedoed and sunk and you have to swim for 4 ½ days in shark-infested, oil-soaked water, at sea without food or water? Faith in God gave Edgar Harrell, author of Out Of The Depths - A Survivor's Story of the Sinking of the USS Indianapolis, the courage and strength to survive when others gave up and died. Edgar Harrell saw sharks eating his buddies, but he kept his faith as he said, "God's presence gave me great strength and resolve to persevere." The untold story of the ship that carried the bombs that won the WWII is finally told. His rescue was miraculous.

Side B: 8/2/2014

Survival at Sea pt 1



Textbooks have been re-written to portray America as imperialist during WWII, with no mention of the attack on Pearl Harbor when we were at peace. Edgar Harrell, author of Out Of The Depths - A Survivor's Story of the Sinking of the USS Indianapolis, vividly describes his ship, the Indy (that carried the bombs that won WWII) being blown out from underneath him at midnight July 30, 1945 and his miraculous survival in shark-infested, oil soaked water for 4 ½ days at sea without food or water. He says, "I came face to face with a torrent of horror, but an ineffable peace enveloped me and gave me hope to continue."

Side A: 7/26/2014

Heaven or Hell?


The millennial generation is a generation of atheists with only 4% Christian. Where do unbelievers spend forever? Is hell a literal place? Bill Wiese, author of 23 Minutes in Hell, was awakened in the middle of the night in a vision where his spirit was transported to hell. Bill's testimony is absolutely fascinating. He gives an eyewitness account of the searing heat, ghoulish demonic beasts and the terror-filled screams of people in the flames. What does "Jesus Saves" mean to a generation that has no idea what He saves them from? Our gracious Lord warns people that He is their only way to avoid hell and get to heaven.

Side B: 7/19/2014

Blood Moons Rising



Signs in the heavens are God's billboards for epochal events on earth. Are four blood moons a sign that we are in the Biblical countdown to the end times? NASA reports that four blood moons will occur on Jewish holy days in 2014 and 2015. The rapture is on God's calendar, but what are the signs that it's coming? Pastor Mark Hitchcock, prophesy expert and author of Blood Moons Rising- Bible Prophecy, Israel and the Four Blood Moons, says Jesus tells us what the signs are for the end of this age. Where does Armageddon, The Great White Throne Judgment, and the New Jerusalem coming down from heaven all fit in?

Side A: 7/12/2014



For all the problems in our nation, there must be some root cause. The symptoms are abortion, homosexuality and corruption. What is the root cause? Colin Gunn, producer of Indoctrination- Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity, says our culture is the product of our schools. Christians are forbidden from being Christians, yet secular teachers are given awards for promoting atheism and homosexuality. We are losing our culture, because Christians have refused to educate their own children. Why would you trust your child's mind to strangers you know nothing about in a school system of atheism?

Side B: 7/5/2014

Leadership Matters



Communist China is set to surpass America as the #1 economy. China's military buildup and our military cuts have grave implications for world conflict. Leadership matters and determines our prosperity or poverty. Wayne Root, author of The Murder of the Middle Class, was a classmate of Obama's at Columbia, who had teachers who were communists and taught how to transform this nation. For the first time in our history, more businesses are closing than starting; more Americans are on government checks than are working. The IRS is being used by the Obama Administration to persecute conservatives.

Side A: 6/28/2014

Relief from Suffering


How do you deal with pain and suffering? Life is filled with hazards, accidents and diseases. One day we're happy, then suddenly our lives are at risk. Pastor Brian Darrow has had a life of suffering, yet he says he is grateful to have gone through his life threatening pain since it brought him closer to Christ. God uses situations beyond our ability to cope so that we would turn to Him and trust Him with our lives. He is developing us for eternity. Brian Darrow says that whether we are healed or not, we must trust God just as Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego trusted God even if He didn't save them from the fire.

Side B: 6/21/2014

God's not Dead



Can you imagine your child's professor demanding your child sign a paper saying that God is dead? That is the basis of the movie God's Not Dead which is based on actual cases by the Alliance Defending Freedom. Jeremy Tedesco, the senior legal council with ADF, experienced such anti-Christian discrimination in college that he became a defender of religious freedom. His cases include schools requiring Christian clubs to have non-Christian leaders; teachers demanding students stomp on the name "Jesus"; banning the wearing the flag. We are all affected by what starts at school, because it will come to our communities.

Parents! Don't simply ask what kind of education you want for your children.
Ask what kind of people you want them to become!

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