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Side A: 5/9/2020

Exposing Planned Parenthood p 2


Mat Staver, President of Liberty Councel, is suing Planned Parenthood for selling beating hearts taken out of live babies being aborted and selling them for research. Mat Staver was a pastor who believed abortion was okay until he saw a video of what it is. Now he's one of America's greatest attorneys for life. Planned Parenthood's Margaret Sanger was awarded retroactively Time Magazine's woman of the year. The Equality Act, that equates homosexuality with race, is a grave threat to religious liberty. Liberty Council is winning cases that prohibit minors from receiving counseling to eliminate same sex attractions.

Side B: 5/2/2020

Exposing Planned Parenthood p 1



Mat Staver, President of Liberty Councel, tells how Planned Parenthood takes out beating hearts from live babies being aborted and sells them to research labs. The medical director of Planned Parenthood has personally done over 30,000 abortions selling intact beating hearts, lungs and kidneys. How has our nation degenerated so that we allow people do to what the Nazi's did? Planned Parenthood's founder, Margaret Sanger, was a eugenicist who influenced Hitler and the holocaust. Liberty Council is suing to overturn a ban on counseling youth who want to overcome same sex attraction. This case has national consequences!

Side A: 4/25/2020

Our Survival Depends on Revival


Revival is God's remedy for a morally and spiritually sick nation. Revivals have transformed the lives of people and nations. The First Great Awakening led to America's independence from Britain. Daniel Norris, the author of Trail of Fire - True Stories From Ten of the Most Powerful Moves of God, vividly describes how Jonathan Edward's sermon, "Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God" began a nationwide revival that changed our destiny. The 2nd Great Awakening with Charles Finney led to a great revival that spread worldwide. Great revivals have resulted in entire cities shutting for prayer meetings.

Side B: 4/18/2020

Time to Homeschool



With the coronavirus closing schools parents are forced to home school. This is a great opportunity for children to learn a love for learning and develop a Biblical worldview. 17 year-old Eddie Zhong, who started his own successful business, says schools can stunt creative thinking. Israel Wayne, author of Homeschooling From A Biblical Worldview, says public schools don't train young minds to think critically and debate both sides of issues. But homeschool can do that. What is a good education if it leaves God out? Secular schools make secular students. Education is more than just academics. It's Biblical discipleship.

Side A: 4/11/2020

Resurrection Power p 2


This is one of the most inspirational programs we have ever made. William Frey, author of The Dance of Hope, tells how the Resurrection was like a news flash - fascinating news that's exciting and life changing! Death no longer has any power over us. Now there's nothing to fear, only expectations of joy in heaven. Although the disciples had lost all hope, they emerged fearless men, unafraid of crucifixion. These transformed men changed the world. Professional actor, Bruce Marchiano, dramatically tells how the lifeless body of Jesus, dead for three days, came vibrantly back to life through God's power.

Side B: 4/4/2020

Resurrection Power p 1



What is heaven like? Will we have the same personality, with our mind completely intact, in heaven? Imagine your best vacation multiplied by infinity, and you get a glimpse of heaven. The best moments on earth are a taste of heaven. Randy Alcorn, an authority on heaven and best selling author of 40 books, selling over 9 million copies, is the author of Heaven. Randy Alcorn vividly describes what we can expect in Heaven, and on the New Earth, according to the Bible. The heaven we enter when we die is temporary. The future heaven is not a non-earth, but the New Earth where God comes to live with us.

Side A: 3/28/2020

Real World Socialism p 2


What's the difference between socialism and communism? Will America turn left to socialism? Most young people don't know the difference between socialism and capitalism. Does socialism help the poor? Capitalism has raised more people out of poverty than any other economic system. Examples of socialist governments include the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics (USSR), National Socialist Party (Nazi Germany) and Communist China with over 100 million people starved, tortured and killed through socialism. It's really evil. America is the only nation in history with a foundation built on Biblical concepts.

Side B: 3/21/2020

Real World Socialism p 1



What's causing the sudden rise in socialism? Cuts from a debate with socialist Bernie Sanders. A majority of college students say socialism is the best form of government. Were the early Christians socialists? Dr Gerard Lameiro, political analyst, expert in forecasting and author of Real World Socialism -Spiritual, Moral and Economic Bankruptcy Sold By Using False Hopes and Deceit, says socialism is a secular religion that sells false hopes for a man- made utopia without God. Socialism is atheistic where the State replaces God to determine who lives and who dies. Capitalism gives freedom to innovate, invent, excel and prosper.

Side A: 3/14/2020

Evolution's False Start


Is Intelligent Design religious? Is evolution scientific, or is it a religious belief based on faith? Are millions of scientists who believe evolution wrong? Evolution has been enshrined in our educational system with laws to protect it. Scientists in the 1800's believed that life could spontaneously come from non-life. What Darwin believed, Pasteur disproved. Dr Carl Warner, author of Evolution-the Grand Experiment, believed in evolution until a friend asked him questions that changed his worldview. Why would birds evolve half a wing or animals that evolve half a leg evolve into intermediates that are incapable of life?

Side B: 3/7/2020

The God of Hope



If you say your circumstances are hopeless, you're slamming the door on God. Fear and discouragement are from the enemy, but faith and hope come from God. Terry Law, author of The Hope Habit, Finding God's Goodness When Life is Hard, says having hope as a habit is life changing! This is not simple optimism! Biblical hope has the power of God to train you to live with a hope to give you confidence in God in severe trials by freeing your mind from worry and fear that actually weakens our immune systems! Just a tiny spark of hope breaks that cycle to release endorphins that lessen pain, and promote healing and hope.

Side A: 2/29/2020

Israel & American Jews part 2


The debate is about "Israeli occupation" of Palestinian land. But does the land belong to Palestinians or Israel? David Rubin, author of Trump and the Jews, says it wasn't until Israel developed their land that Arabs tried to claim it for their own. Jews who were poor immigrated to America early in the 20th century to become successful by emphasizing education and hard work. Obama prioritized Muslim immigration. Trump is prioritizing Jewish and Christian immigration. Which group will do more to benefit our nation? Why do the majority of American Jews vote Democrat when their Party is turning against Israel?

Side B: 2/22/2020

Israel & American Jews part 1



American universities are becoming increasingly anti-Israel and anti-Semitic. Professor Tammy Benjamin reports on anti-Semitism on campus. Why is the Democrat Party aligning itself with the enemies of Israel? Half the Democrats in Congress support the anti-Israel group C.A.I.R. David Rubin, author of Trump and the Jews, was with his 3 year-old when Muslim terrorists shot them. David Rubin says, "The Romans wanted to eliminate Israel from the map so they changed the name of Israel to Palestine." American Jews have become so removed from their heritage, they are against basic Biblical values.

Side A: 2/15/2020

Was Washington a Christian?


Are we ashamed of our nation's heritage? Was Washington a Christian or a deist? Did he own slaves? Peter Lillback, author of George Washington's Sacred Fire, gives the benefits we have because of our First President. Washington refused to make himself king but instead chose to become our first President. He believed the power entrusted to him was a sacred fire of liberty. He said, "The two indispensable pillars for any government are religion and morality." Peter Marshall, author of The Light and the Glory, describes how God supernaturally protected Washington and saved our rag-tag Continental army.

Side B: 2/8/2020

Capitalism vs Socialism



Professors have convinced many impressionable students that Marxism helps the poor more than capitalism. But socialism and communism not only haven't helped the poor but have slaughtered them. The USSR and China slaughtered about 100 million people in the last century. What's the difference between liberalism, socialism and communism? Jesus and the early Christians were not socialists! Jay Richards, author of Money, Greed, & God, dispels economic myths that lead students to become socialists. How do moral issues affect economic issues? The biggest cause of poverty is single motherhood.

Side A: 2/1/2020

This Life is Not the End of Me part 2


How do all things work for the good for someone with brain cancer? Dr Lee Warren, a neurosurgeon and Iraq war veteran, is the author of I've Seen the End of You- a Neurosurgeon's Look at Faith, Doubt and the Things We Think We Know. There's a spiritual aspect of entering the most inner part of a person's mind in brain surgery. The most excruciating moments in a doctor's practice is asking a loved one to take their loved one off life support. These inspirational accounts reveal a profound faith in some patients who pray that God would take them home to heaven. Dr Warran tells of the devastating loss of his own son.

Side B: 1/25/2020

This Life is Not the End of Me part 1



We will each face the fear and pain of our death or a loved one. How we respond will show a deep faith or shallow religiosity. Dr Lee Warren, a neurosurgeon and Iraq war veteran, is the author of I've Seen the End of You- a Neurosurgeon's Look at Faith, Doubt and the Things We Think We Know. As a Christian doctor, how can he honestly pray for a patient who has a type of brain cancer that's almost 100% fatal? In this gripping, inspirational memoir, you will get an honest look between his faith and his medical experience. His testimony will stir your faith as you hear the insightful and profound thoughts of a brilliant surgeon!

Side A: 1/18/2020

Protecting Life pt 2


Can you imagine the owner of the abortion clinic coming into your child's school to teach children sex ed? The abortion clinic owner, Carol Everett, author of Blood Money, said that's exactly what she did, because it increased her abortion business. Her clinic prescribed birth control pills they knew would enable girls to become pregnant. Carol Everett, who was responsible for the deaths of over 35,000 babies, tells the truth about sex ed. Planned Parenthood counselors have degenerated into telling children to experiment with deviant sexual behavior. Anyone with kids in school needs to hear this fascinating program.

Side B: 1/11/2020

Protecting Life pt 1



Killing babies is not just a political issues it is a human rights issue. With a pro-life President, the abortion holocaust is close to ending. Gianna Jessin, who survived an abortion, is a voice from God telling us that we're killing His babies. Dr Bernard Nathanson, author of The Hand of God, was the infamous abortionist who operated the largest abortion mill in the world, killing over 75,000 babies including his own son. He tells how they used words, like calling baby killing simply a woman's choice or reproductive heath, which helped make abortion legal. Partial birth abortion is really infanticide.

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