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Side A: 4/14/2018

The Paradigm & Events Today part 2


Dramatic changes taking place today in our nation are following the exact pattern that took place in Ancient Israel 3000 years ago. If these events are on course, we can foresee what's going to happen in our future! Jonathan Cahn, author of The Paradigm -The Ancient Blueprint That Holds the Mystery of Our Times, says this paradigm could have foretold the outcome of the past Presidential election and how our national leaders fit the paradigm of leaders of ancient Israel. The paradigm shows how God orchestrates events and people to serve as a warning for us to change course before His imminent judgment.

Side B: 4/7/2018

The Paradigm & Events Today part 1



Would you like to know the future of America? God knows exactly what will happen to our nation and has given us a preview from His Word in a paradigm. Jonathan Cahn, author of The Paradigm -The Ancient Blueprint That Holds the Mystery of Our Times, says our nation is repeating the exact history of what happened to ancient Israel 3000 years ago. The parallels are amazing! President Clinton and Hillary fit the pattern of the ancient king and Queen of Israel who were at war with God. Baal worship sacrificed thousands of children, but we have legally aborted millions of them. God will be Savior or our Judge.

Side A: 3/31/2018

The Joy of the Resurrection


This is one of the most inspirational programs we have ever made. William Frey, author of The Dance of Hope, tells how the Resurrection was like a news flash - fascinating news that's exciting and life changing! Death no longer has any power over us. Now there's nothing to fear, only expectations of joy in heaven. Although the disciples had lost all hope, they emerged fearless men, unafraid of crucifixion. These transformed men changed the world. Professional actor, Bruce Marchiano, dramatically tells how the lifeless body of Jesus, dead three days, came vibrantly back to life through God's power.

Side B: 3/24/2018

The Solution to School Shootings



What can be done to prevent school massacres? The killing of 17 innocent students in Parkland, FL was used by liberals to call for gun control. Andrew Pollack and Darrell Scott who lost their precious children give passionate pleas for action. What's the real solution? Rick Deighton, author of More Than Conquerors in Cultural Clashes, says violence in our schools is a consequence of eliminating values, instead of instilling Godly character and purity. Life is cheap when kids learn mankind is simply an evolved animal. Without God, there's no conscience development. They want the peace of Christ without Christ.

Side A: 3/17/2018

Miraculous Survival At Sea part 2


How did Edgar Harrell, author of Out Of The Depths -A Survivor's Story of the Sinking of the Indianapolis, survive for 4 ½ days when almost all the others didn't? His ship was blown up at midnight, and he jumped for his life into the pitch-black oil-soaked water, without any hope for survival. No food or water, no hope or help except that God gave him the will to survive. He said, "I came face to face with horrors beyond imagination, but an ineffable peace enveloped me and gave me hope, courage and strength to survive when others gave up and died. He saw sharks eating his buddies, but he kept his faith!

Side B: 3/10/2018

Miraculous Survival At Sea part 1



In 1945, Edgar Harrell, was on the USS Indianapolis that delivered the components for the atomic bombs that won WWII but was sunk by a Japanese submarine. Blown up at midnight, he jumped for his life into the oil soaked, murky-black, freezing water! Hundreds of men died, some instantly, some later. Listen to this harrowing experience. For 4 ½ days, he desperately tried to stay alive as others perished. Although he was exhausted, dehydrated and very cold, he had a peace only Christ can give. He saw his buddies being eaten alive by sharks, but he said, "God's Presence gave me great strength to persevere."

Side A: 3/3/2018

God's Gift - The Animals


What lessons can we learn from animals? Look at God's infinite thought, love and design in creating lovable, furry cats, faithful dogs, and elephants. Animals have instinct but also can think, such as the dog that led goats and deer away from the raging Cal fires. Chaplin Austin Miles, a ringmaster in the circus for 50 years, tells poignant stories such as the circus elephant that showed love for a small injured dog. How an elephant blocked the ring that stopping a stampede of elephants into the crowd. He tells a tear-jerking story of an old, shaggy dog that was once a circus-performing dog but was left behind.

Side B: 2/24/2018

The Great Commission



We are witnessing the greatest mass exodus of young people from the Christian faith in our history, as only 4% of this current generation are Christians. They don't know why God blesses or curses nations. Kevin Swanson, author of Taking The World for Jesus - The Remarkable Story of the Greatest Commission, is the director of Generations, said, "Kingdoms rise and fall but the Kingdom of God lasts forever. The blood of Christian martyrs is the seed for new saints." The mighty Roman Empire opposed Christ and collapsed. Belief in Christ has forever changed the world. We pray for America to have a great revival.

Side A: 2/17/2018

Great Christian Revivals pt 2


When the Holy Spirit of God ignites a revival, people and nations change dramatically! Daniel Norris, the author of Trail of Fire - True Stories From Ten of the Most Powerful Moves of God, vividly describes the Cape Colony South African revival with Pastor Andrew Murray; the 2nd Great Awakening with Charles Finney, that led to a great revival that spread worldwide. What's the difference between holiness and legalism? Great revivals have resulted in entire cities shutting down businesses for prayer meetings. The impact of revival is astounding. Revival is God's remedy for a morally and spiritually sick nation.

Side B: 2/10/2018

Great Christian Revivals pt 1



Great Christian revivals have transformed the lives of people and nations. The First Great Awakening led to America's independence from Britain. Daniel Norris, the author of Trail of Fire - True Stories From Ten of the Most Powerful Moves of God, vividly describes how Jonathan Edward's sermon, "Sinners in the Hands of An Angry God" began a nationwide revival that changed our destiny. Revival means sinners see themselves from God's perspective and understand the awfulness and repugnance of Sin to a Holy God. Revival brings eternity to mind as people see themselves in hell or by God's grace, heaven.

Side A: 2/3/2018

In The Name of Jesus pt 2


Obama promoted homosexuality in the military to try to change our culture and with that came persecution of Christians. Former Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt, author of How to Liberate the World in 30 Days - A Step by Step Guide to Take Back Your Country, tells how chaplains in hospitals, police departments and before city councils have had their prayers censored, but with public pressure overturned. A nationwide movement to restore religious liberty has been organized to enable Christians to take back our country. The culture war is a spiritual war that's all about God and His Commandments.

Side B: 1/27/2018

In The Name of Jesus pt 1



Christians are punished in the military for having Christian beliefs. Col Leland Bohannon was denied promotion to General for his views on same sex marriage. Former Chaplain Dr Gordon Klingenschmitt, author of How to Liberate the World in 30 Days - A Step by Step Guide to Take Back Your Country, was court martialed for praying in Jesus name, but he fought back and with millions of petitions sent to Congress he got the Navy to rescind their bad policy. Klingenschmitt said, "Religious freedom is the cause I would die for!" God is giving us culture-changing victories by winning the culture war for Christ.

Side A: 1/20/2018

Powerful Testimonies on Life pt 2


Can you imagine the owner of the abortion clinic coming into your child's school to teach children sex ed? The abortion clinic owner, Carol Everett, author of Blood Money, said that's exactly what she did, because it increased her abortion business. Her clinic prescribed birth control pills they knew would enable girls to become pregnant. Carol Everett, who was responsible for the deaths of over 35,000 babies, tells the truth about sex ed. Planned Parenthood counselors have degenerated into telling children to experiment with deviant sexual behavior. Anyone with kids in school needs to hear this fascinating program.

Side B: 1/13/2018

Powerful Testimonies on Life pt 1



Killing babies is not just a political issue- it is a human rights issue. With a pro-life President, the abortion holocaust is close to ending. Gianna Jessin, who survived an abortion, is a voice from God telling us that we're killing His babies. Dr Bernard Nathanson, author of The Hand of God, was the infamous abortionist who operated the largest abortion mill in the world, killing over 75,000 babies including his own son. He tells how they used words, like calling baby killing simply a woman's choice or reproductive hea;th, which helped make abortion legal. It's called partial birth abortion, but it is really infanticide.

Side A: 1/6/2018

God's Creative Genius


God's creative Genius is seen in His design of the ear, the eye, the heart, and the brain that all show Intelligent Design for a purpose. Yet evolutionists says there's no purpose but random accidents. Dr David Menton, teacher at Answers in Genesis, gives fascinating details of how sound waves are converted from airwaves to chemicals in the brain. God created age in Adam, in trees and starlight at creation. Cut of Pastor Chuck Smith on how the shape of seeds propels them to spread away from the tree. How water in coconuts enables them to plant and not be killed by the saltwater. Design proves a Designer.

Side B: 12/30/2017

Trial by Fire



The great US Senate Chaplain Peter Marshall Sr gave a fiery sermon, Trial By Fire that shook the nation. As Elijah challenged Israel, Peter Marshall challenged Americans in the mid 1940's to choose between following Christ or Ba'al. Many Americans live in a moral fog that knows no absolutes but a confused grey. What does America stand for to those who have sacrificed so much in war? Is this nation worth dying for? If we no longer follow the Lord, stop pretending to be a Christian nation. Without God, we can't move mountains but stumble over molehills. America will be governed by God or ruled by tyrants.

Side A: 12/23/2017

God's Birth on Earth


What is God like? Hundreds of years before the birth of Christ, Isaiah prophesied about Christ, "Unto us a Son is given: and His Name shall be called Mighty God, the everlasting Father." Was Jesus really God? Was He the Creator? He was. God came to the earth He created in the smallest form possible, as a single cell. Film maker Bruce Marchiano, who acted the parts of Jesus in more films than any other, is the author of Jesus, Yesterday, Today and Forever. What was Jesus like as a child? What was it like for Mary, expecting Jesus to rule the world, to see Him crucified? Why did Jesus have so much supernatural joy?

Side B: 12/16/2017

Classic Christmas Composers



Christmas would not be Christmas without Christmas music. It's ironic that public schools censor out any music that mentions Jesus as Lord, yet the greatest musicians were Christians. Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Handel... were born again Christians who loved our Lord. Dr Patrick Kavenaugh, author of Devotions from the World of Music, and Raising Musical Kids, gives some fascinating details into the lives of the world's greatest composers and some great ideas how to help your child develop a love for good music. What do you say when your little Mozart wants to quit his music lessons?

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