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Side A: 7/2/2022

Standing Up For Liberty pt 2


Young people today know virtually nothing of the sacrifices made for their freedoms. To destroy a culture, destroy their history. Peter Marshall, author of The Light and Glory -vividly describes the horrendous starving army at Valley Forge, barefoot in the snow, and the courage Washington infused into them to fight on against impossible odds. God miraculously protected our Continental army with a heavy fog that hid them from slaughter from the British. Tom Dooley, author of One Nation Under God-America's Lost Dream, describes the cost of freedom in the sacrifices our forefathers paid with their lives.

Side B: 6/25/2022

Standing Up For Liberty pt 1



Our precious freedoms are not based on government but on God. Freedom isn't appreciated until it's lost. Todd Starnes, a Fox News commentator and author of Culture Jihad-How to Stop the Left From Killing a Nation, says, "What's happening in our country is the result of what has happened in schools being run by radicals. Without Biblical values, we are left with chaos." Os Guinness, author of Last Call for Liberty- How America's Genius Has Become Its Greatest Threat! said, "Freedom comes from self- government, not external force. As our freedoms end, it's a catastrophe, not just for America, but also for the whole world.

Side A: 6/18/2022

The End of Roe v Wade pt 2


College students have had abortion legal as birth control but are now confronted with abortion being murder. Most young people have never heard why abortion should be illegal. Ben Shapiro is challenged by students who don't believe a "fetus" is a baby, that abortion should be allowed for rape and incest, and who compare gun violence to abortion. Pastor Jeff Durban gives compelling reasons to the Colorado legislature for the Equal Protection of unborn children. Pastor Jack Hibbs gives a passionate speech repudiating the diabolic Cal. bill to legalize infanticide up to 28 days after birth. Silence is complicity.

Side B: 6/11/2022

The End of Roe v Wade pt 1



All the states that banned abortion before Roe v Wade had their laws overturned in 1973 in Roe v Wade. A woman's choice ends when she becomes a mother. Law professor, Al Parker, President of the Justice Foundation, filed two Amicus Curiae Briefs with the Supreme Court to overturn Roe, presented his case with a picture of a woman in her 20s, who had been an in vitro fertilized egg of just 3 cells in a petri dish that had been frozen for several years before born. This is proof that life begins at conception and is not a blob of tissue as believed in 1973 when Roe was decided. Abortion isn't undoing a pregnancy, its killing a child.

Side A: 6/4/2022

True or False Conversions?


What does it mean to be a true follower of Jesus Christ? What's a false convert? How can you tell if a child is truly saved? Cuts from the movie The Atheist Delusion. Almost 9 out of 10 (88%) of church children lose their faith before high school graduation. What can a parent do to be sure their children keep their faith? Ray Comfort, evangelist and author of How To Bring Your Child To Christ and Keep Them There, says, don't give your children a false image of God. Give them a true understanding and view of the God of the Bible not "Santa Claus!" Parents should teach their children the fear of the Lord to resist their temptations.

Side B: 5/28/2022

Valient Vets



Although some veterans have gone to help secure Ukraine's border, our commander-in-chief has opened up our borders to illegals! Mark Levin, author of American Marxism says, "The greatest crisis of our time is Biden's violation of our immigration laws to change the populace of America. John Steer, author of Wounded Soldier, gives fascinating accounts of his experiences in Viet Nam. Gary Horton, a former Army Ranger, who fought for our freedoms, is not given the freedom to speak about his Christian faith in public schools. Schools have re-written our history, banned the flag, and banned the motto and the pledge.

Side A: 5/21/2022

Moral Confusion pt 2


A new sex ed. curriculum re-defines abstinence to promote perversion as normal. Mat Staver, of Liberty Council says, "Many schools are leading children in to harmful and sometimes deadly sexual experimentation using graphic magazines and videos. The "Advocates for Youth" curriculum promotes abortion over child birth and trains students to be advocates for abortion and homosexuality. Teachers coerce students into participating in the Day of Silence and become activists to support GLSEN and Planned Parenthood." Children would prefer to have their modesty and decency respected than to be embarrassed in class.

Side B: 5/14/2022

Gender Confusion pt 1



The new Supreme Court justice can't define the word "woman" yet will determine Supreme Court cases. Dennis Prager says the confirmation of Judge Jackson will be the decline of our civilization. Judge Ketanji Jackson could not answer when life begins, meaning she has the same ideology as those who legalized child killing in 1973. Michael Gurian, author of Raising Boys By Design, says boys learn differently than girls and need to be taught differently. Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation to protect grade school kids from being sexualized. Other guests: Lt Gov. Mark Robinson, Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chino.

Side A: 5/7/2022

Crisis in Education


Spiritual forces are turning this free and democratic nation into a socialist even a communist state, and it's being done through the schools. The spiritual war for our future is over schoolchildren. Alex Newman, author of a series of articles in The New American: Rescuing Our Children, says there is a deliberate dumbing down of children by using a reading method that's a proven failure producing functional illiterates. Public schools are breaking down the morals of children by confusing them about the gender identity, and bringing drag queens into the classroom under the guise of "career literacy!"

Side B: 4/30/2022

E.M.P. - A Real Threat



What happens when the electrical grid is shut down? Former CIA Director, James Woolsey, says we are very vulnerable to an enemy EMP attack. Mike Maloof, author of A Nation Forsaken-EMP: The Escalating Threat of An American Catastrophe, spent 30 years with the Defense Department protecting us from terrorism, and now warns that it's not "if" but "when" an EMP will be exploded over this country. The results will be catastrophic. It's preventable, but our government is ignoring it, so we need to be prepares. A huge solar flare, an EMP, or Radio Frequency weapons are a real threat. What can we do to be prepared?

Side A: 4/23/2022

The Beginning of the End


When nuclear Russia and the Muslim nations come against Israel, we are near the end of this age! The super sign of end times is Israel being restored and threatened by a nation from the north. Jimmy Evans, author of Where Are The Missing People? The Sudden Disappearance of Millions and What Happens Next, says Russian president Vladimir Putin could be "Gog" in Ezekiel 38. Russia is motivated to invade Israel for their wealth and their recently discovered natural gas. Muslim nations aligned with Russia must invade Israel for their Imam to appear. When Gog attacks Israel, God will destroy his army with burning sulfur

Side B: 4/16/2022

The Reality of the Ressurection



Most people have no idea of the infinitely high price God paid for their salvation! Pastor Robert Nash, author of Last Words -7 Sayings From the Heart of Christ on the Cross, says while Jesus was gasping for every breath, he spoke words filled with hope and compassion. William Frey, author of The Dance of Hope, tells how the Resurrection changed life on earth. Death lost its power over us. The disciples became fearless and transformed the world. Professional actor, Bruce Marchiano, dramatically tells how the lifeless body of Jesus, dead for three days, came vibrantly back to life and showed us the new kind of body we will have.

Side A: 4/9/2022

Wonder Dogs


God created dogs not just for fun and companionship but to serve and save disabled people. Maureen Maurer, author of Wonder Dogs-True Stories of Extraordinary Assistance Dogs, tells of the amazing dog named Freedom who saved the life of Melanie who was trapped under her heavy wheel chair as her house was burning! Freedom not only got the phone but stayed with her even if she was burned to death. The heartwarming stories about dogs selflessly serving disabled people by turning on lights, opening doors, even helping grocery shopping are amazing. God gifted us with dogs to rescue, assist and comfort us.

Side B: 4/2/2022

America's Most Radical President



How did America go from being independent to being in debt over $30 trillion dollars, invaded by over 2 million illegals, and led by an incompetent President? Is the current leadership in Washington just weak and confused or radical and Marxist?

Victor Hanson Davis, author of The Dying Citizen - How Progressive Elites and Globalism are Destroying the Idea of America, tells how President Trump made America oil independent, reduced the price of oil that crushed Russia's economy and halted their invasion aspirations. Biden's radical policies of open borders and appeasement will give the Republicans an upcoming victory.

Side A: 3/26/2022

Living in Communist Russia


We take our precious God given freedoms for granted. Powerful forces want to make our nation socialist even communist. Immigrant Jamie Glazov describes the terror and oppression in the USSR before coming here but how America was like heaven. As a graduate student, Jamie tells how university professors believe and teach that communism is wonderful and capitalism is oppressive! Russian military scientist, Dr Igor Shafhid, former communist and author of Inside the Red Zone, says, "We could lose a city to terrorists and recover, but if we adopt a communist ideology, the whole country is lost."

Side B: 3/19/2022

Communist Infiltration



The Communist Manifesto is the most assigned economics book on US college campuses! In 1984, a Russian KGB officer, Yuri Bezmenov, author of Love Letter to America, in a one-hour presentation, reveals the KGB strategy to use our education system to replace the ideas of free enterprise and capitalism to teach ideas of social justice, equality and redistribution of wealth! Without knowing their true American history, students are easily brainwashed to hate our nation and bring it down! Trump's 1776 Commission to teach our true history and patriotism has been abolished by Biden. Are we becoming a communist nation?

Side A: 3/12/2022

The Fairy Tale of Evolution


Is the age of the earth important? Some stars are so far from earth that it would take millions of years for their light to reach us. Is that proof for an "old earth"? Many people, including Christian leaders, try to fit billions of years into the Genesis account. Russ Miller, author of It's About Time - How to Believe God's Word in a Secular World, substantiates the Biblical account through logical and scientific answers to man's origin, sin and death. The amazing universe shows God's awesome creativity. The omnipotent Creator simply spoke and galaxies whirled into space and the universe was created.

Side B: 3/5/2022

A Neurosurgeons View of Life and Death



We will each face the fear and pain of our death or of a loved one. How we respond will show a deep faith or shallow religiosity. Dr Lee Warren, a neurosurgeon and Iraq war veteran, is the author of I've Seen the End of You- a Neurosurgeon's Look at Faith, Doubt and the Things We Think We Know. In this gripping, inspirational memoir, you will get an honest look between his faith and his medical experience. His testimony will stir your faith as you hear his insightful and profound thoughts. These inspirational accounts reveal a profound faith in some patients who pray that God would take them home to heaven.

Side A: 2/26/2022

Anticipating the Rapture


Does the rapture of believers, who are transformed into a spirit body, to meet the Lord in the air, occur before the Tribulation? How is Jesus's appearance in the rapture different from His second coming to earth? Prophecy expert Dr David Reagan, founder of Lamb & Lion Ministries and author of Living on Borrowed Time - The Imminent Return of Jesus, said, "There's no mention of the Church after Rev 3, because the Church has been raptured out." Evangelist Tiff Shuttesworth says Biblical patterns show us God's character. Since Christ took our punishment for us, God won't bring his wrath on his Church.

Side B: 2/19/2022

War on American History



Why are statues of Presidents like Lincoln, Roosevelt and Washington torn down? Are we ashamed of our heritage? Feb 21 is President's Day but few people know or celebrate it. Peter Lillback, author of George Washington's Sacred Fire, says Washington was a strong Christian. Lincoln freed the slaves. It's an attack on our nation in an attempt to destroy it by destroying our history. Washington said, "The two indispensable pillars for government are religion and morality." Peter Marshall, author of The Light and the Glory, describes how God supernaturally protected Washington and saved our rag-tag Continental army.

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