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As Jesus said, "Go into all the world,
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LISTENAfter The Rapture pt 3
Some people say the rapture is just an escape. It's no more an escape than getting on Noah's Ark before the Great Flood. Pastor Jack Hibbs says he's excited to be "raptured" up to meet the Lord. Jeff Kinley, the author of Aftershocks -Christians Entering a New Era of Global Crisis, says the time is coming when all believers will be'caught up' i.e. raptured up to be with Jesus as the world goes through the Great Tribulation. Kinley reveals God's magnificent plan from rapture to return to earth with Jesus to be in His Millennium Kingdom and reign with Him for a 1000 years. Then, the New Jerusalem will come down from heaven.

LISTENIsrael Under Attack
Israel has come under massive rocket fire from Hamas in Gaza, which was given by Israel in exchange for peace years ago. Why do Muslims kill Jews? Biden will reverse Trump's ban, and fund millions to Palestine, much of it will be used for weapons against Israel. David Rubin, author of Confronting Radicals -What America Can Learn From Israel, was with his 3 year-old when Muslim terrorists shot them. Rubin says, "The illusion of a indigenous people called Palestinians is a hoax. The Romans wanted to eliminate Israel so they changed its name to Palestine." Tiny Israel is the focus of the world and God.

LISTENGod's Hostage pt 1
After pastoring in Turkey for 23 years, Andrew Brunson, author of God's Hostage - A True Story of Persecution, Imprisonment and Perseverance, was imprisoned for two years in a filthy prison surrounded by Muslim criminals and terrorists. He felt abandoned by God and surrounded by evil powers in Satan's territory. He went beyond panic and thought he was losing his mind and his faith. Why was God silent? He was like Job turned over to Satan to be tested. But he resolved to declare his love for Christ and submit, without God answering his questions. He learned to love and follow Jesus no matter what happened.

LISTENGod's Hostage pt 2
Andrew Brunson, author of God's Hostage - A True Story of Persecution, Imprisonment and Perseverance, was sentenced to 35 years in a filthy crowded prison where he felt abandoned by God. He thought he would lose his mind and his faith. But his wife Noreen contacted President Trump to negotiate with the president of Turkey for his release. Brunson wondered why his loving heavenly Father would abandon him, but God used his imprisonment to start a world wide prayer movement for his release and the salvation of Muslims in Turkey. There's a depth of intimacy that only comes through severe testing by God.

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