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As Jesus said, "Go into all the world,
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LISTENRage, Riots and Revolution
Violent anarchists turned what began as a peaceful protest over the police killing of George Floyd into massive riots around the country. Is this a preview of what a Marxist revolution looks like? The majority of College professors describe themselves as Marxists. Curtis Bowers, producer of the film Agenda-Grinding America Down, says communist groups like Antifa are determined to destroy capitalism and make this nation a communist nation. Naïve city councils and mayors are cutting police budgets to stop "race riots," but that will make their cities explode in crime, and ripe for a Marxist take-over.

LISTENGod's Incredible Design
Dr Geoffrey Simmons, a medical doctor and author of 9 books, describes the incredible design in the human body, and in the marvels of nature, like the giraffe's neck and the woodpecker's tongue. Darwin didn't understand genetics or how a child inherits traits from his parents, so how could he know people evolved from apes? Darwin wrote that whales were the result of bears going out to sea. The bears would have drowned. Dr Simmons tells of the intelligent octopus, and birds that fly from Alaska to Hawaii, non-stop. This couldn't have happened gradually, they would have drowned.

LISTENFreedom From Visual Fantasies, p1
What God created for beauty, Satan perverts into lust of the flesh, camouflaging sin as pleasure. Pornography is a lure of the enemy that can create a sexual addiction and destroy body, soul and spirit. Clay Allen, founder of Avenue, was in bondage and broken to the point of suicide, but the Lord rescued him. Now he has devoted his life to helping others find freedom from porn through the Holy Spirit. Sexual sin isn't just about sex but the flesh's war against the spirit. Your past doesn't need to be your future. You can be a new creation in Christ! Since evil flourishes in darkness, bring it to the Light of Christ to be healed.

LISTENFreedom From Visual Fantasies, p2
God created people to be visually stimulated by the opposite sex for the propagation of the species, but Satan perverted it as a lure into his dark territory. Science has shown that the brain produces neurotransmitters (pleasure chemistry) by looking at porn. As porn becomes a habit, the brain can become trained to expect a chemical rush thus it becomes an addition. Clay Allen, founder of Avenue, describes the supernatural deliverance from the porn cycle. Many men are fighting the battle in their own flesh with the wrong weapons. The battle is not just yours; the battle belongs to the Lord. Let Him fight for you!

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