Our mission is the heart of the gospel.
As Jesus said, "Go into all the world,
make disciples and teach them"
Teaching His disciples is our mission
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LISTENGang Leader's Conversion
One of the greatest demonstrations of God's power is converting an impossible sinner to Christ. Casey Diaz, author of The Shot Caller- was the 'shot caller' who decided who lived and who died. Locked in an 8x10 foot cell without windows, no books, radio or TV, no visitors, caused many men to go crazy. But prison walls can't keep Jesus out. Christ gave Casey a vision of his violent life, with Jesus on the cross looking at him saying, "I did this for YOU!" It broke Casey. This hardened killer wept and wept. As a Christian, he was beaten by other prisoners but led many to Christ. Now Casey is a pastor and free.

LISTENChrist and the Crimson Worm
On the Cross, Jesus began the first line in Psalms 22, "My God, my God, why have You forsaken me?" And in 22:6 says, "I am a worm and not a man." Would Jesus refer to himself as a worm? The tolath or crimson worm is a symbol of Christ, as the mother worm dies on a tree; she exudes a bright red fluid, like the blood of Christ! Dr Jobe Martin, author of The Evolution of a Creationist, gives examples disproving evolution, like the bombardier beetle that has all its parts created at the same time, and the giraffe that has a blood vessel system created fully formed, not bit by bit. Creatures that defy evolution prove a Creator!

LISTENWhen God Became a Man pt 1

The greatest event in all history was that the Creator of the universe became a baby, the man Jesus Christ. That's what Christmas is all about! Pastor Francis Chan, author of Crazy Love, Forgotten God and Erasing Hell, gives an impassioned Christmas message exclaiming how God emptied himself and left heaven to become a man! This is a life-changing message!

If you want to know what God is like, look at Jesus! Jesus shows that God isn't angry but loving, patient and kind. When a primitive tribe first heard the gospel and how God had forgiven them of all sins, they leaped for joy and celebrated for hours.

LISTENThe Love of Jesus pt 2
It's amazing that the God who created everything from nothing came to earth as a single cell. Bruce Marchiano, the gifted actor who played the part of Jesus in more movies than any other actor, gives a profound description of the joy and wonder of Jesus Christ. Jesus was a man of joy demonstrating the Kingdom with miraculous signs. He came to serve and give people healing and life, but many, to their own detriment, walked away. God gave up the riches of heaven to live a humble life and die for others. God in the flesh describes Himself as gentle and humble. He is a sensitive man full of love for lost people.

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