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As Jesus said, "Go into all the world,
make disciples and teach them"
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LISTENPeople Before the Flood
The idea that ancient men were primitive brutes, cave men, is a myth based on evolution that contradicts the Biblical account. Ancient people had extreme intelligence, plus lived hundreds of years, and thus invented amazing things. Don Landis, editor of The Genius of Ancient Man-Evolution's Nightmare, gives examples such as the thousands of pyramids around the world that used massive 100-ton stones fitted together so precisely you couldn't slide a credit card in the joints. In the religious tower of Babel, man rebelled against God and tried to be God. The religion of Babel is still here today.

LISTENCritical Race Theory pt 1
America has long been a target for a Marxist revolution-using race instead of the workers. Critical race theory has angered parents to protest at their school boards. Parent Tatiana Ibrahim blasted her school board for teaching racism. Ben Shapiro says the Marxist revolution didn't work here because the working class wanted upward mobility to improve their country rather than overthrow it. Professor Carol Swain defines CRT and says university Marxists created this fantasy of systemic racism to divide blacks and white. Chris Rufo, Manhattan Inst., debunks critical race theory. Also Sen. Ted Cruz.

LISTENCritical Race Theory pt 2
Critical race theory is Marxism disguised to replace our Constitution with communism. The NEA has allocated millions of dollars to defend critical race theory from opposition. James Freeman, with the Wall Street Journal, says the 1619 Project, says that preserving slavery was the basis of our founding. Chris Rufo, Manhattan Inst., says critical race theory is imbedded in our government; schools and businesses that takes us back to segregation of races. That whites are guilty of racism and need to be overthrown. It's a violation of our system of justice. Jack Brewer overcame racial prejudice through the love of Christ.

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