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The mission of Issues in Education is the heart of the gospel. As Jesus said in the Great Commission, "Go into all the world, make disciples and teach them..." Teaching His disciples is our mission.

That's why our ministry is called Issues in Education. Educating the disciples is the core of Christ's Great Commission.
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Spiritual Warfare Against America 1

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Why has the American liberal left aligned itself with our mortal enemies? Jamie Glazov, editor of Front Page Magazine and author of Jihadist Psychopath - He is Charming, Seducing and Devouring Us, says, "Islam and the Left have united to wage war against Christian America because they want to destroy our culture to build their paradise on the ashes. But every attempt to build a heaven on earth results in hell on earth. Islam and the Left are death cults. Look at how the Left devastated the people of the USSR, Cambodia, Cuba, etc." The Left has taken control of education, the media and much of government.
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At Issues in Education children are our
#1 priority. Children are our future.
Their education is not a side issue
with us. This is THE issue that will
determine the future of our nation.

HELP US FIGHT THE FAKE NEWS - There is so much misinformation in the news and online. Help us stay on the radio so that Americans will hear the truth and the truth will set them free!


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Major Publication writes about Issues in Education

The story that features Issues in Education, and Bob & Geri Boyd, just broke on Renew America, a very prominent site that many, many news organizations pick up, including USA Today from that site. Here is the link:


More publications are coming. As of now, Issues in Education is being read about in the U.S., Brazil, Iran, France and Germany. Again, more countries will be added.

And you are free to use any part of the story in any of your newsletters or other publications or broadcasts.

All credit goes to the ONE who makes it possible, our Lord Jesus.


Bob & Geri Boyd

Parents! Don't simply ask what kind of education you want for your children.
Ask what kind of people you want them to become!

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