Our mission is the heart of the gospel.
As Jesus said, "Go into all the world,
make disciples and teach them"
Teaching His disciples is our mission
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LISTENAbundant Life in Jesus, pt 1
Are you ruled by the tyranny of the urgent, hurrying through life and not enjoying it? Are you addicted to being busy or to your i-phone? Hurry, anxiety and stress are enemies of a healthy spiritual life that separate us from God. John Mark Comer gave up his 7000-member mega-church, because he was burned out. He now pastors a smaller church in Portland. John Mark Comer, the author of The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry, says Jesus's life was not hurried but full of peace, love and joy. Slow down, spend time with God and have a better life. Since Jesus needed solitary time in prayer, how much more do we?

LISTENAbundant Life in Jesus, pt 2
There's plenty of information but little transformation! People know what Jesus taught but not how He lived. Stephen Smith, author of The Jesus Life, Eight Ways to Recover Authentic Christianity, says "Jesus was not stressed as many of us are today. He enjoyed life with dinners, debates and long walks with his disciples, yet He regularly got away to be alone in prayer. The dinner table is more than simply eating but fellowship and acceptance." Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Love changes atheists into followers of Christ. To live as Jesus lived means to savor and enjoy life not just endure it.
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