Our mission is the heart of the gospel.
As Jesus said, "Go into all the world,
make disciples and teach them"
Teaching His disciples is our mission
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LISTENVoting Biblically
America was a model for the world as a Christian nation. But now our nation is on the verge of God's judgment. Why have pastors become silent on social and political issues? Pastor Jim Garlow, author of Well Versed - Biblical Answers to Today's Tough Issues, says, "Polls show Christians want their Pastors to teach on Biblical solutions to current issues, but silence from the pulpit has led to Biblical illiteracy. Many pastors say they don't discuss politics. Does that mean they would have remained silent on slavery?" God raised a pagan King Cyrus and a coarse Churchill, because they were right for that time.

LISTENChoosing America's Future
Why are young Americans rioting and tearing down statues and going to war with their own country? Left wing radicals have indoctrinated students into Marxism! Cut of President Trump saying we need to teach true history! Army ranger Captain Sean Parnell battled valiantly in the Afghan war now says he's fighting our enemies here - the radical leftists. Rebecca Friedrich says teacher's unions have hijacked school curriculums. Mark and Patricia McCloskey defended their home against an angry mob yet they were charged and the mob wasn't. Also Cissie Graham Lynch speaking at the RNC.

LISTENChoosing Life for the Babies
Abortion is not just a political issue, nor a human rights issues, but a spiritual issue. Only God should determine life and death. Cut of President Trump's compelling speech at the March for Life. Abby Johnson was a director of a Planned Parenthood abortuary who saw a baby desperately struggling for life before the suction machine dismembered it. That changed her into a strong prolife spokeswoman. Gianna Jessen, who survived an abortion attempt, gives one of the most profound/powerful speeches before the Australian Parliament! VP Mike Pence's speech sets out the differences between the political parties.

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